photography, Western Michigan University

Adam Bruley



Adam Bruley
Art 3470 Digital Photography I
Digital Prints; 11′ x 17′
Series of 10

This series of work was began while my classmates were discussing my work in a critique. Many of the agreed on the fact that my strongest work was when I focused on reflections. I began by using the reflections that were given to me by buildings and nature then began using mirrors.

16 thoughts on “Adam Bruley”

  1. I agree! Those reflections in your photos are really beautiful and the second one is amazing. Reflections in these three mirrors are very clear and they blended perfectly with the background. This symmetrical composition looks nice.

  2. Your use of symmetrical composition is very strong. Reflections are difficult to capture, especially as sharp as you did. These images are really beautiful.

  3. Great compositions, strong colors, great reflections. Both images show unique perspectives. I think the second image is a bit stronger and more interesting with the smaller mirrors and the painted tiger. Nice work!

  4. Compositionally, I think that these photos are very strong. I love the bottom photo. Wow! I think that the color is a bit too saturated in both photos. I looks a tad artificial. I really like the juxtaposition between the natural landscapes of trees and the buildings/objects that they are being reflected on.

  5. Okay, I’m obsessed with these pictures. Great use of color, composition, and subject. Reflections are the bomb. I enjoy the distortion of of the tree in the top image, and the “image within an image” in the second one. EXCELLENT job.

  6. Really striking photos. I love the brightness and color of both. I think that it is really interesting that you’ve taken two approaches to reflections here, using reflections already out there and constructing your own with mirrors. It is an interesting comparison.

  7. These images are an interesting combination of natural and man made subjects working together. Usually when I think about reflections of tree branches I think of it being reflected in a natural surface like water, rather than mirrors or mirror-like surfaces. An interesting take on an otherwise common-place scene.

  8. I’m partial to the bottom image with the tiger. It pushes past just a photograph of a pretty reflection but explores photography’s capability to render the representational, the 3d world, into a 2d confined object. The mirrors repeat and accentuate the flattening of space and the rectangular constraints of the frame itself. Donald Judd writes a lot about this in his essays on minimalism, encouraging reference to frame through rectangular shapes in painting and sculpture mostly. While photographs often reference the camera frame, the mirror adds another interesting layer..

  9. Powerful use of reflections! The tiger on the bottom definitely is the strongest of the two. The use of colors (blue/orange) from the tiger painting and the reflection the trees results in a strong image. Great blues coming from the sky as well. I wonder how different this would look if it was gloomy outside.

  10. You have a really strong series going on with these reflections! I really love the bright vivid colors that you use, because they only help strengthen your work that much more. The reflections you use have unique expressions, and I really love the second photo where you set up the three mirrors in that specific way. The second picture is probably my favorite since you personalized the setup in that specific way, and I really love how a tiger is the background. Both pictures are really abstract and unique, and I would be really interested in seeing more pictures in your series. Great job!

  11. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the high contrast in both photographs but I’m starting to think it works well with the content of what you’ve photographed. It makes the reflections pop and separate from the background.

  12. Extremely well done. I think that your use of both organic and geometric lines and shapes really contributes to the success of these compositions. Great use of both warm and cold colors. Be careful not to increase the saturation too much when working with reflections/glass, but overall beautiful photographs.

  13. I love the lines in the first picture. An idea would be to crop the actual tree out of the image, then the reflection would add a higher sense of curiosity. But at the same time I do like how the leaves interact with the sky. The real leaves juxtapose the architectural lines nicely.

  14. I think your use of line in both of these images is very strong. Also the textures you captured work very well in making the photographs more interesting. There is a lot to keep the eye busy without overwhelming. Great job!

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