18 thoughts on “Alyssa VanderWeg”

  1. I think that the first photo is stronger than the second. It takes a moment to find the figure which fits into the fading into the background of life. In the second photo the shadow is a bit to prominent.

  2. Interesting concept, The top image is stronger than the bottom- the shadow is more defined and more interesting. My eye moves around the page a lot more than the bottom one. Overall good colors and nice framing on the bottom image.

  3. Nice job! I really enjoy these two pictures, particularly the eery coloring of the two together. They work as a nice series together, just the two standing alone. I think you could delve more into capturing your shadow in other ways– through water reflections, tips of a mirror, etc. But great job overall.

  4. Really interesting idea to have you fading into the background of life. The top image is stronger, the composition and color and shadow are all more prominent. The sense of depth in the top image is stronger as well.

  5. I like your concept, but I feel like it can be executed differently. I can really tell that you are holding the camera in a way so that we dont see it in the shadow. This is really limiting the way that you position your body. I would suggest playing around with postures that really exude the emotion you are trying to portray. Maybe someone else holds the camera? Overall, I think this can be a very cool series.

  6. I like this idea a lot. The idea of shadows can really mean a lot of things and so far it seems sort of ominous. I think if you keep exploring in different environments it will really get interesting.

  7. Really cool idea and really great representation of that idea through self-portraits. Your photos are gorgeous in and of themselves, but when you add that layer of meaning, it takes them to a whole new level. I think it’s interesting how, especially in the first photo, your shadow is huge, almost going against the feeling you’re going for, but also strengthening the idea that you flourish in the shadows.

  8. I really like your concept and how your idea has a literal demonstration in your images. I do wish however that the shadow of you was not centered… maybe having the viewer search for your shadow since you are meant to be not standing out in any way.

  9. I love this! I am one who usually tries to come up with creative ways to avoid a self portrait assignment (usually in using silhouettes or obscure reflections) but I have never thought of using shadows. This opens a new realm in self portraiture and truly does make you think about who you really are and what marks you leave (both literally and figuratively) on this earth.

  10. I really like the large range in colors in the first image. There are some nice highlight areas and they contrast really well with the darker areas of the image, specifically in the upper left corner. I also enjoy the way the shadow figure breaks up the light area in the middle of the image.

  11. Really enjoy your concept and feel that both images achieved what you wanted to show your audience. I would love to see more work stem from this series, and working with more locations as well as dealing with different types of lighting. It would be amazing to see this project grow more and keep up the work.

  12. I love the first photo. The way it is laid out is very intriguing and sends the message of fading in a bit more of a gentle way than the second. Both are very creative and a nice concept.

  13. I think you have a really nice concept, and did a great job of showing it in these two photographs. The lighting and shadows are really great, and I can really see yourself fading into the background in each photo. Even without knowing the concept, these photos are aesthetically beautiful to me, and the concept is just an extra piece to make these photos better!

  14. The use of shadows is very interesting because it allows you to see the outline of a human body without showing every detail and letting us judge the character. It shows a human without the sense of personality which keeps us questioning.

  15. right off the bat, i really like these, the uneasiness you get as the viewer is cool because when you look at these images it makes you really want to know who is behind the photo! so the suspenseful/mystery you get when looking at these is awesome. i would really like to see your other pics from this series and see what other environments you were in while taking these shots! good job and keep up the good work!

  16. I like the colors in these photos and the concept is very interesting and relatable. The second photo is my favorite out of the two, with the soft lighting and texture in the trees.

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