7 thoughts on “Anna Chida”

  1. Really creepy photo at the first glance. But after looking at it carefully, I think the composition, lighting and objects themselves are really good! Especially the left one, because it is looking forward to us, it seems more aggressive than the other two. However, since knowing they are fossils, I did not feel any threat at all. Inversely, I enjoy looking at them and I also think they have some motions in this picture too which is amazing.

  2. This is an interesting composition and yes does have a creep factor to it. I think the lighting is great but I would like to see the highlights come come down abit on the skull that is in the foreground. Seems a bit too bright. I like that the actual size is printed large. Otherwise great job!

  3. Spooky! You’ve done a nice job of giving the skulls a neutral background that does not distract from the beautiful subjects. I think the lighting is beautiful, really highlighting the detail of the skulls.

  4. Cool content. I think the photo could have been made even stronger if you played with shadow even more. I really like how the skull on the left recedes into the darkness and I think you could achieve a lot playing around with that.

  5. I think it’s really cool that you could get your hands on these large skulls! It reminds me of something of a scientific dialogue that has a really long article about it, but it’s placed into a museum and people just look it instead of reading what it’s about.

  6. I like how you detached the skulls from their original context. The composition seems a little off though. The right two skulls just barely touch. I think the either need to overlap a little more or that there should be some negative space between them.

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