8 thoughts on “Diana Brock”

  1. I think the first one is really creative and full of imagination. I like how you combine the skull with those bubbles. They look very natural somehow.

  2. Interesting idea. The top image reads much stronger to me. The repetition of skulls moving up and into the background is compelling. I want to know more and how you did the effect of skulls in bubbles. The second image is less compelling to me. It looks as though the figure was just cut and pasted onto the skulls. Again interesting idea.

  3. Really interesting. I don’t know what the balls actually are, but they make a great base for the skull overlay. They have a serene, dark quality that I really like. I think the first photo is more successful just in it’s simplicity. I would almost prefer if the second photo didn’t have the person in it at all.

  4. Wow, juxtaposing these images really creates a seriality and pattern. As a series, I’m wondering what you’re trying to portray. It gives off a very dark feeling, or a message to the past.

  5. Very interesting idea. The first photo is very successful in color, contrast, and composition. The second photo is intriguing as well, but I wish the person were the same color scheme as the rest of the image. Right now she just doesn’t seem to fit, but that is really easy to fix in photoshop. Other than that, these images are beautiful.

  6. I love both of these images! The first is done so realistically well that is gives of a creepy vibe. With the second one all I think of is how much I want to bounce on the bubbles. It looks fun, and maybe bouncy. The only thing I would look at is the vague halo around the girl in the second photo. It is a bit distracting, but I’m not sure if that was what you were going for.

  7. This is a really interesting concept and would love to know more about what inspired you to create these images. The second image isn’t as strong as the first one and feels very post processed with the person just places on top of the bubble texture. I would like to see more stem from the top image and maybe it can turn into a series.

  8. Both of these images are so interesting to look at, and caught my eye right away because of how bizarre they looked. The top image is more interesting than the bottom though, since the person looks obviously photoshopped on. I’d also be interested to learn more about the narrative behind this series, and what your concept is. Good job overall though!

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