Kellogg Community College, photography

Mackenzie Griffith


Mackenzie Griffith
ART 227: Digital Color Photography
Medium: Digital Photography
Size: 6×9 Printed Image

I was required to have 20 random shots for my midterm in digital color photography. This was one of the 20 that I liked the most. This photo was taken in my room. It’s a frame in frame. With reflection, repetition, and contrast of light and color.

11 thoughts on “Mackenzie Griffith”

  1. I really like this photo because it seems so simple when I first looked at it. But there are a lot of interesting details in it exactly. The reflection in the mirror is perfectly framed. And I really appreciated that both images are not in the middle which made my eyes went to both image instead of focused on only one image. And I really like the color of your wall!

  2. I agree that the reflection of the photo is great. I particularly like how the mirror expands the space and makes the space a bit ambiguous. It took me a moment to figure out that the oval was a mirror.

  3. Nice job with this. I think the colors and composition of this photo are two of its strongest elements. It provokes a sense of narcissism with the looking into the mirrored image. Compositionally, I enjoy that this photograph is off center. Overall, nice job.

  4. The reflection of the image is very eye catching. I have to look twice to really “see” the mirror and room it was in.

  5. I think it is very interesting that your assignment was to take 20 random photos. That could make for some very interesting observations. I do like this photo. The mirrored reflection really adds a point of interest. I especially think that there is something to be said about the fact that it is Marilyn. Her iconography instantly makes a statement whether or not it was intentional.

  6. Wow, the photo has an animated quality. It almost doesn’t look real. I love the reflection/frame within a frame aspect not just because it’s aesthetically pleasing but because it fits really well with it being a picture of Marilyn Monroe. We all know that story, and it is one of beauty, appearance, and fame, and what damage that can do. Nice shot.

  7. I feel like this piece has the great potential to be INCREDIBLY successful. The only part that is holding it back is the framing of the shot, which I’m not sure if it is as easy as shifting it in photoshop or if it would have to be reshot. The fact that the rectangle frame is slanted really throws things off, especially being in close proximity to the straight line of the corner of the room.
    Other than that this piece is successful in all other aspects. The content is interesting because whether it was done simply to be random or had a direct purpose it obviously speaks to the idea of vanity. The round edge of the mirror’s reflection against the straight line of the rectangle frame helps to balance your lines. And the pink wall against the b/w picture speaks to past ideals about femininity and the roles that women played back in that society.

  8. I really love how the colors of the wall and the black mirror play on classic colors (think “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”). I wish the image was a little bit wider, showing the complete image on the right. I do enjoy the use of reflection, especially at an angle like this.

  9. I really enjoy the colors and repetition of framing in your photograph! I think the oval reflection from the mirror is a nice touch as well, and adds something more to the picture. The pink walls against the black and white pictures create great contrast as well, good job overall!

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