7 thoughts on “Mira Kim”

  1. The lighting in your first photo looks really nice and has a nostalgic feeling too. And I think both photos have good vantage points which make the space have extensibility. Also I think the second one could go with your final series because it has a nice symmetrical balance.

  2. The bottom image is mysterious and makes me want to see more similar images in a series. Having the figure in the image gives a sense of scale making the bridge very large. I would like to see more sky and less bridge in the foreground though to increase the tension of a small figure in a large space (if it is what you are going for).

  3. Both images have such a timeless quality to them. I love that they are in black and white and am unable to tell what time period they are. The highlights in the top photo work well as does the perspective in the bottom photo.

  4. The effect of these photographs brings a old style movie appearance to me. The concept is interesting to me because it begins a story in my mind based off of these two images. The shadows in these images give it a sinister effect, in which I like. I’d love to see more.

  5. The top image has amazing lighting. It captures a very timeless feel both with the temperature and the content; somewhat nostalgic. The bottom photo works in the same way.

  6. The top picture has a very old timey feel to it and I love that. I love how contrasty it is and how the light sources really break up the areas that are just pitch black. I think you captured the scene really well.

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