10 thoughts on “Ryanne Shiner”

  1. I really enjoying looking at the second photo. It looks very quiet and spacious. Also the shadow behind her is beautiful and has the similar direction with her eyes too. And both photo have very nice and soft light which I think somehow reflect her personality.

  2. Nice use of shadows and lighting, but the person seems a bit posed… Especially in the first image, the angle of view that we are at as well as her pose looks extremely awkward and not interesting as a subject. Both images also seem a bit mellow dramatic because of what she is wearing, her age, and her facial expressions. But the bottom image is interesting to look at because of the composition- it leads my eye around the page.

  3. I enjoy the use of natural light and shadows, however the wall feels abit too yellow. Maybe that could be toned down abit. In both images the model feels to posed, not natural and stiff. I do think the compositions are interesting in both images though.

  4. I truly love these. The color, or lack of, is wonderful and can come across as a study of white, gray, or black. The light is beautiful and communicates a strong sense of loneliness where the subject is the dark materials, or it gives a sense of confidence in being alone where the lightness is prominent. The ideas contradict each other yet exist at the same time, just as in society.

  5. I think the smooth lighting gives off a great effect on her shadows and features. It’s a very calm state of mind, maybe depressing because the blinds are down, shutting out the outside world. I think by reframing or cropping out the top left corner of the bottom image, it could feel like the wall is endless and she’s sitting on the floor in this empty room, gazing out to nothing.

  6. In the first photograph, I wish you had left more room to the left of the figure’s face or had placed her on the other side of the frame. As a general rule, you want to have the negative space in the direction the subject is facing for better compositions.

  7. Beautiful portraits. The use of natural light and shadow is very well done. However, I would suggest recropping the second photo, there’s something about that composition that is off putting. I think it’s the crooked floor or where her legs are cropped. The first photo is really gorgeous though.

  8. Overall, I am very drawn to the second photo. The way the light hits the model, and how it is scattered on both her and the wall because of the blinds, in combination with her gaze at the camera give a particularly somber and chilling feel. In the first photograph, the pose is a little more sensual because of the tilt of her head. I like/see why you chose to put these in a series together and am curious to see what you put as the third photograph. Well shot, edited, and composed images.

  9. I really like the light on the wall in the second image. This is especially true in relation to the way it frames her and pulls your sight into her figure. It also makes the space she is in even more intriguing to me. I love that the wall isn’t completely blank. it is not an empty backspace, which adds to the effect of the image.

  10. Great use of natural light, and would be interested in seeing more portraits from this series. Both are really successful images and the strongest would probably be the second one. It’s interesting to see how the light frames the woman and creates a halo around her. My only concern is the white balance in the both photographs, they seem a little too warm and would suggest adding a little more blue to the photos, but overall good images.

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