2 thoughts on “Sarah Spohn”

  1. The topic of Motherhood is one that I am also working on so I was very excited to see a similar interest. The most powerful part of the video for me was the beginning with the tea kettle and water. This idea of pressure, a boiling point, and blood spoke strongly to my own experience. I liked the inclusion of the mundane tasks that also go along with Motherhood, whether one chooses to be a stay home mother or not.

  2. Dear Sarah,

    Do you know of these film and book?

    I got it from my university’s library (the DVD). There are several women interviewed in it who have done video/film work with their children. I really like the scene you have of the toddler walking into the kitchen and how the POV moves from behind the child to in front.

    The opening sequence you have in this video is very well done: of the home moving shadow over the kitchen chair and table which moves into a look of old movie footage with bare feet dancing in the snow, and then to the mason jar with “blood” and the steaming tea pot. Also you soundscape is really nice too. I like the moments where there is just enough repetition to allude to the routine of motherhood/parent hood and the cycle of life.

    Is there a way to get the spice racks in more focus? The following images are in focus and read well. I am not sure why the spice rack is blurred unless it to not show logo names… And is it possible to not show the Mom’s face in the scenes with playing with the toddler? I feel like the rest of the video is more anonymous, and I was wondering if her face could be blurred or the frames zoomed in on more/cropped differently.

    The extreme close-ups of panning over the cooking and food works really well too to forefront the importance of this casual task.

    Thank you for making this!

    Wishing you more great videos in the future!

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