12 thoughts on “Yuka Ozaki”

  1. These two photos are really interesting. I like how you used the number to balance the whole image. Both photos have good contrast and creative compositions. And because we can not see his face, he remained a mysterious character which I like a lot!

  2. Very nice prints, I like the narrative and use of the body in both. However I do not know the significance of the numbers. They fit nicely in the second image, but it is a little distracting in the first. Im am unsure why they are pink, and different fonts, and so close to the edge of the picture, i wish that they were in a different location on the image.

  3. Nice job with these two photographs. They look great together and I wish I could see the rest of the series they are part of. I am not entirely sure what the numbers mean, so I wish you included an artist statement. But even without it, I know the numbers were carefully manipulated into the photograph and I’m sure, whatever the significance is, is accurate for the story you are telling. Nice job.

  4. Both of these images have a strong sense of composition and nice sense of depth to them. I like that the entirety of the images are in focus. The numbers are an interesting element. There is a mystery to these images. I do not know who the figure is as he is faced away from the camera. Adds a nice sense of wonder.

  5. I am very intrigued although I do not really understand what is going on in the photos. They are very narrative, but its like a narrative that only a select group understands. The rest of us observers are left wondering whats happening and what the importance of the numbers are. I like that the numbers are a cohesive thread though the photos.

  6. Wow, these are really interesting. I love how you not only play with objects and surroundings, but you play with body positioning. He seems to be in two very strange positions and it really intrigues me (along with the numbers of course). I have no idea what this means, but I would love to find out. Very nice.

  7. Without an explanation, we’re allowed to make up our own narratives which I think creates such an open interpretation to what the image and the numbers mean. The numbers in the center, evenly spaced with the same point size really brings attention toward it.

  8. The juxtaposition of numbers within your images is a very interesting take on a series. I’m wondering what your series is about, but since you don’t tell us, it allows our minds to create its own narrative about these. The image with numbers centered in the same point size really brings our attention toward it.

  9. The combination of the typography and photos works well. The numbers don’t have a lot of visual weight and therefore to distract from the image. At the same time, they work to balance the image.

  10. I am really intrigued by these photos. I am someone who believes text and image have a powerful bond and to me these images completely prove that point.
    While I am not sure the significance of the numbers, they add a new life to the photograph which it may not have had on its own.

    My one comment would be to maybe stick with a similar font throughout to keep the consistency within the series but ultimately I would have to see the other 8 photographs.

  11. I really like your compositions! I think my favorite element of both compositions has to be the color pallet. I’m getting this small-town 1980s vibe which is really cool! It’s difficult to portray a narrative in a composition but i think you are on track towards doing that. Also, i’m not quite sure why but the numbers work really well here, great job!

  12. I really love the use of the body and how it’s interacting with the environment around it. The colors and contrast/lighting look really good as well, and the place where you shot these are really interesting, and catch the viewers eye and holds it there for more than a couple seconds. I’m curious as to the narrative behind these pieces, and what the numbers have to do with each picture so maybe add that into your artist statement to explain further. Other than that, great job!

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