photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Alana Wanke



Alana Wanke
Art 476 – Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 8in. x 10in.
10 image series

My concept this semester is science fiction and trying to create images that look other worldly, such as alien like or teleportation. I’ve been working with long exposure all semester, and try to shoot so that I don’t have to do any editing after the fact.

8 thoughts on “Alana Wanke”

  1. You are taking your time to set up for a final image, saying you don’t want to do any editing after the fact does not show you are putting work into the photo making. For these images with so much moving, the crop is very important. the bottom image does not give the light enough space, it is too tight in some places and the bottom has too much space. I do not see that problem in the first image, there’s a good amount of space left to the sides.
    Other than that, the color lights you chose are very futuristic/sci-fi.

  2. I disagree in part; modern science fiction aesthetics include closeups, and the first picture reads better to me of the two. The colors are effective for me in both, but the first image has an iconic, silhouetted portrait underneath the colors. The high contrast and resolved perspective on the portrait give it a more cinematic feel.

    I think that first one is just beautiful, let me know if you want to trade prints!

  3. I really think the top image is strong. I love that you can discern some detail in the subject’s face and also how the color really pops. As for the bottom image, I feel that the composition should have been skewed more down. I do not feel the empty space on the bottom is strong, but maybe you were going for that. The colors are also a little more dull in comparison to the top image.

  4. I love both these images in different ways. The way the top photo is cropped I feel the other worldly sensations you were going for. It’s almost as if the subject is being beamed up by a color rainbow alien of sorts, and it seems like a still image. On the other hand, the bottom image evokes a sense of movement. I can feel the colors swirling around the subject in a more fluent and lively way. I enjoy them both.

  5. I like both images, I think they both have great use of lighting and color. However, when I see these images, I don’t feel an alien depiction.

  6. I think you did a really good job encapsulating your concept of teleportation and giving it a science fiction type feel. The light that is surrounding the person in each photograph looks just like they’re about to get sucked in. However, the people look a little too calm for that to be happening, so maybe the girl in the top photo could be looking up instead of down or look a little more panicked. Besides that, I think the colors are great, and the silhouettes of the subjects are fantastic!

  7. I definitely think the sci-fi aspect is coming through, although they seem rather mysterious and ambiguous as to what is actually going on, which I don’t think is a bad thing. It could be interesting to see how light could be used to create an abstract scene rather than just interacting with the subject.

  8. I really like how your images contain bright colors creating an alien like feeling. If you had more blurring colors and shapes in the background it might give the viewer a feeling of other worldly. Also, you could possibly get a glow in the dark mask and play with that with the long exposure? But overall great concept!

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