11 thoughts on “Angela Johnson”

  1. The textured background works really well. I do think the center is too crowded, but I enjoy the fact that the bubbles look like they are either filled with metal charms or a creature.

  2. This image of Zebra fish embryo’s is one of my favorites and the silver lining on the bubbles really add a gorgeous touch to something so scientific and creates a moment of stillness in what is probably a very busy process of growth and movement under the microscope.

  3. The orb shapes in the background provide a nice sense of spatial depth that makes the image more successful than if the background was flat.

  4. The decision to crop (or compose) the piece so that it cuts some of the embryos off is very successful. We get the idea that the subjects are repetitive and continuous, and that even more exist outside of this photograph. We are not getting the entire look at what is going on, but rather we are just getting a look at a piece of the puzzle so to speak.
    The right-hand corner does seem a bit over exposed however, and possibly tinged a bit green so that is something to be aware of.

  5. I don’t know that I’d seen these … is it possible to simplify the background, or are the formations on the white surface also important?

    I find the embryonic spheres really beautiful, and I think isolating those as subjects would make the image stand out more.

  6. It is amazing that how clear and detailed they are. I like the first one better because I think the second one has too much out of focus. But the round shape of the second picture you got is very beautiful.

  7. I really like what you’ve done here. I love when people merge both science and art together to create something unique and beautiful. While i like your fist composition, I really like the intimacy of the second. I also really like the simple color pallet here. Keep it up!

  8. Love both of these photos and the reflection of light going off a lot of the foreground objects. The way the first one is cropped does make it appear as if the objects expand into a never ending field. Maybe be aware of the object in the top photo that is located in the bottom left corner, it is different than the others so perhaps include more of those or get rid of it all together.

  9. I absolutely love these microscope photo. You accomplished a very interesting texture with these photos. It makes people want to touch it in a way. It seems squishy! Compositionally it could be better, but you don’t have much control over that with these kinds of photos…

  10. I love how you can’t tell what this is when you first look at the image. They almost look like they’re floating and it really mesmerizes the audience.

  11. Very interesting work! The translucence and contrast are really pleasing to the eye. I also like the amount of detail captured in these images due to the microscope used. These two pictures make me interested in seeing the rest of your scientific images.

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