Kellogg Community College, photography

Bob Psalmonds



Bob Psalmonds
ART 295 Alternative Processes
Colloidal Wet Plate
Cyanotype Bird; 4″ x 5″ & 8″ x 10″

I photographed the bird over in the Binder Park Zoo this summer. It sat there in the bushes less than five feet away from me looking back as I captured his image. I enjoy Cyanotype as a way to create pictures without a lot of chemicals and expenses. The Self Portrait was made during a Colloidal Wet Plate lesson. Overall, it was a great final image which I can show with pride for years to come.

6 thoughts on “Bob Psalmonds”

  1. Overall these are amazing images and shows that you’ve worked to learn the wet plate process. I would like to see more develop in your images, as these feel like basic test images. Your top image is beautiful and would like to see a series develop from just that image. The portrait is also great and stands on it’s own.

  2. i wish that there was some more harmony between these two photographs, the composition of the top image is much stronger than the bottom portrait, with the beautiful leaves framing the bird. i would have liked some more specific compositional decisions in the bottom photograph.

  3. Great shot of the bird! I really like the composition of that shot, all the lines of the branch lead the eye right to the bird while the leaves frame the bird nicely! Great depth of field as well, love how the background falls out.

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