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Katie Cooney



Katie Cooney
ART 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints
Series of Ten

Continuing with my “Ballads” body of work, which tells the stories of songs, these images are drawn from my shoot for Cage the Elephant’s “Cigarette Daydreams.” The character in this shoot is a young, troubled girl. She lights a cigarette in hopes of leaving her troubles behind (“you wanna find peace mind”), but it lights a flame that she cannot extinguish. As the series progresses, she attempts to run from her troubles – the further she goes from the alley, the stronger the flames grow, and she is eventually engulfed by the flames and must face her demons, as seen in the second image.

9 thoughts on “Katie Cooney”

  1. Having the figure in the center of the photos works for the composition. In the top image, would you consider cropping into the right side? The brick wall is out of focus already, but the pattern distracts from the pants and takes up too much space compared to everything else.

  2. In critique I had mentioned that the flames were too bright but now I do think that you have successfully managed to color it and surround the subject well (Im going to go ahead and blame lighting :). Also your artist statement is really well done and adds to narrative in a great way.

  3. I can image using a song had the potential of bringing limitations the images. However, these two images are very striking and portray a strong narrative. I do agree in the comment that states that the fire might be a little too bright. I do enjoy how the fire at the bottom begins at their feet.

  4. The second photo is really drawing my attention and it might be because of the contrast between the color of the flame compared to the grayscale of the original photo. I also love the depth of field in the top photo, having the focus shallow in the foreground by the wall and slowly becoming clearer near the figure.

  5. These two photos are really cool. I like how the wall are blurred in the first one and the contrast is very strong too. The second one is full of motion and emotion with this creative combination.

  6. The flames in the second image are really striking. The color coming through the black and white image adds a very dramatic feel to the image and makes it very powerful.

  7. I really enjoy this as a theme. I was thinking of doing something music related and hadn’t really thought of an idea similar to this, which is very unique. I enjoy that you implemented the flames in the lower image. Normally I am not a fan of adding elements like that to images with photoshop but it really adds to the theme and I think you made it look very clean and professional.

  8. These are so dope!! They are extremely powerful images and they work very well with your theme. How did you get the flames in the second image?

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