10 thoughts on “Liz Stafford”

  1. The color and depth of field in both of these images are very well done and the skull adds a compelling narrative in each image. The bottom image is a bit more successful because the skull seems to fit within the surroundings more naturally like one would come across on their own, where as the top image seems to be more deliberate.

  2. Very interesting how the editing/processing on this image makes it look far creepier than it would appear in real life. The stones in the photo are a similar repetitive shape like the skull, and being hazy and dark the rocks can easily be assumed for more skulls as if we are just looking at a bone yard in the middle of the woods.
    The dim/hazy quality of the images also help add an air of mystery to the scene. Making viewers wonder what else is going on in the images beyond the skull as well as making them ask what happened in this scene prior to the picture being taken.

  3. Great tintype images! Love both the concept and the composition of both images. The depth of field in both photographs really work with the concept of the image and gives it the eeriness that I assume you were going for. The tone in both are great, and I can tell that you have mastered the technique of tintypes well. Would love to see more come from these series as well as focusing on a portrait series using the skull. Overall, these images are successful and I look forward to seeing more work come from this idea.

  4. I love the composition of the second image – the bone color being the lightest part of the image really draws the eye to your subject, the skull. Kudos on the processing as well, the abnormal coloration works really well with the subject matter.

  5. The darker color definitely gives these images, especially with the skull, a darker more dire feeling. I also like that the skull is mingled in with the stones. It feels out of place but also as though it somehow belongs there. These images work really well.

  6. The color in these photographs can be seen as distracting to some people, but I think it’s the complete opposite. The color gives off a dark feeling to the photographs, which is perfect with the subject matter, especially in the bottom photo with the focal point on the skull. Great job with your process and overall composition of the work!

  7. The concept is really intriguing and I love your images and how you’ve composed them. I wish they weren’t so dark, though. Maybe something to work on in the future.

  8. I feel like the skull really captures the viewers eye. I also feel like the colors used gives these images a dark feeling to them.

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