photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Suzanne Peterson



Suzanne Peterson
Art 476: Digital Photography
Digital Prints; 8″ x 10″
Series of 30+

I want to explore the way we look at a body part when it is isolated and abstracted. There is a landscape quality about the human form that I want to capture in an eerie dream-like state- in this instance, submerged in silver glitter.

11 thoughts on “Suzanne Peterson”

  1. Submerging the body in glitter allows me to see the body’s true shapes without having a preconceived notion of what I should be looking at and how I should be interpreting the image. Good lighting in the second image, but the foot on the left side of the top image seems to not stand out as much as it should, maybe bump up the contrast. Overall great pictures.

  2. These grabbed me right away. If you like the abstract landscape qualities of the figure, would you consider using portions of the body that are not as recognizable as a foot?

  3. Before I read the description, I was wondering how these images came alive. The human body is very much present here, but I think the top image doesn’t highlight it as strong as the bottom one. It’s cool to explore the body in this way.

  4. I think the more abstracted the better with this concept relating the body to landscape. I think pushing the texture is working really well. The flecks of glitter are helping to make the figure more sculptural. I’m partial to the top images in which the body looks like part of the “landscape”. It is reminding me of images that give you just enough light to see the contours of a figure or space.

  5. I really enjoy these images because of the visual texture in them. In the second image particularly, I really like how the human form is more distinct, providing your imagination to picture those “landscape qualities” in the human form which you talk about in your caption. Great work.

  6. I think this is a great way to explore the different ways we look at body parts when they’re isolated. I think the glitter in the bathtub was a really interesting and successful way of portraying your concept, and I really love how abstract you make these images look. Great job!

  7. I really love the idea of having different items and textures around body parts to show the true shapes of them without having the distraction of the actual human skin. This really caught my eye right away because of the light sparkling in these items, which i believe helped to show the purity and organic shapes the body holds.

  8. i really enjoy the concept here. i also enjoy the images but i would like to see the body parts even more abstracted, through the way that you photograph them. instead of abstracting just through what you put on top of the body, maybe try abstracting a limb in a contorted way.

  9. Super amazing photos! These were my favorite of your semester long series. The abstraction is successful, and the glitter helps to accentuate the body without being distracting. The composition in these photos is also very strong.

  10. You could maybe try adjusting aperture or lighting here to pull the isolate body parts from the background. Or only putting glitter on the body. The limbs get lost in the background, and from your description I am understanding that it is more about the body parts themselves and not the background.

  11. There’s something really haunting about these images. They feel almost CSI-ish. The texture really helps the body parts to stand out! Beautiful!

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