photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Alana Wanke



Alana Wanke
Art 476 – Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 8in. x 10in.
10 image series

My concept this semester is science fiction and trying to create images that look other worldly, such as alien like or teleportation. I’ve been working with long exposure all semester, and try to shoot so that I don’t have to do any editing after the fact.

10 thoughts on “Alana Wanke”

  1. For the lighting to not be edited, the results are really great! I’m a big fan of the different color lights used in the images. The relationship between the light and the subject makes the subject not look like a human.

  2. I can’t believe these aren’t edited. I’m especially drawn to the second photo specifically because of the pseudo-double exposure caused by the figure moving with the light.

  3. The top image is extremely disorienting to me and I like the way that fits into your concept. The second image, to me, seems more like a dance club with a DJ behind shining strobes and lasers. I think it’s an interesting narrative and something to continue exploring!

  4. Well in attempting to replicate the otherworldly theme in your images I believe you have strongly succeeded. I immediately thought of the x-files while viewing your images even before I read the description.

    I also enjoy how you paid attention to getting the appropriate brightness in these pictures. Too often I see people do long exposure night photography similar to this and have images that are too dark, bright, contrasty, etc., but here (even thought he files are small) I feel like the levels are pretty spot on.

  5. I absolutely love the top picture. The movement of the subject matched with the spattered light makes for an interesting photo. I have always been fascinated by light photography and I think you have truly mastered the art. I would be interested to see the rest of the series and where it goes from here.

  6. I love both of these photos for the different lighting effect you captured. The top one has interesting speckles of light, seeming to be the particles in the air bursting. The second has a great motion to it. I think it could be interesting to tell a story of aliens through these pictures. Very well done.

  7. I am absolutely intrigued by the second picture in this set. The way the figure is back lit, creating multiple figures is so beautiful and well done, it almost looks like it was manipulated in post production. I love the lights imperfections.

    As far as what you set out to do – to capture images that look like they are from another world – I think you definitely succeeded in doing so.

  8. First of all, it is amazing that you did not do any editing after. Both images are very strong and colorful. They remind me of some future movies I saw before. Personally, I really like the first one. It is full of motion and rendering.

  9. Playing with different colored lights and lasers is very appealing to look at. I think more of a rave than science fiction. Maybe add some more elements to it that would seem “out of this world”. Maybe try doing a bit more with the long exposure technique.

  10. Your images look very cinematic! Very cool! You can really see the science fiction playing in with the abstract shapes and bright colors. Although some of the image looks like a familiar object, you’ve blurred it in to where the viewer is still intrigued.

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