15 thoughts on “Allison Brown”

  1. These up close studies have potential to be interesting visually and contextually but they’re out of focus which ruins the whole look you’re going for. I don’t know whether it’s a lens issue, camera shake, or poor focusing but this problem prevents these images from fulfilling their potential.

  2. Both of these animal images are well composed! I can’t quite tell what the animal is that I am looking at but I find it intriguing. The feathers fill the frame nicely in the second image.

  3. The compositions of both of these animal images are very intriguing! I enjoy that the top image appears mirrored and I can’t quite tell what animal I am looking at. The feathers on the second image are beautiful! They add a layer of depth.

  4. These photographs are composed interestingly and I like that the subject matter is closely cropped. It adds more intrigue as to what your photographing and how you want the focus to be on the patterning or designs that are on the animals. Overall these are great images and would love to see more.

  5. I really love how abstract each piece is. It’s almost impossible to tell what animal your photographing, and you composed these really nicely. The contrast in the top photo could be enhanced a little more, but sometimes that’s hard to do when dealing with silver prints. Each image is also kind of out of focus which distracts your audiences eye. Unless they were meant to be unfocused then in that case I’d be interested to learn more about the background behind taking these pictures, and why you chose to make them blurry. Other than that, great job!

  6. You often don’t see profile shots of animals but i think these were pulled off and composed rather well. I’m not quite sure if i like the black and white though. I think these photos need a bit more to them and a bit of color would really help. I also think the profile shot of the goat is a bit too close. It’s a very interesting concept though and i think it’s pretty well done.

  7. While I enjoy your use of close cropping in the second picture, I don’t think it works for the top one. It makes the picture very disorienting. It’s not that I can’t tell what the animal is because I enjoy the abstract nature of the second picture but rather the immense amount of whites and lack of blacks and contrast with the background. I really like the second picture though. The detail in the feathers is astounding.

  8. I’m drawn in by the beautiful pattern the animals feathers create. I like the tight composition but believe there are a few things that could improve the photo (or at least the digital copy)…possibly cropping part of the white tail so that it doesn’t dominate the picture and make it hard to focus on the great pattern next to it. After scanning the image, rotate the images slightly so they are oriented correctly and make sure no weird text comes through like “document down”

  9. Both these photos have interesting perspectives to them. It makes the viewer wonder what they are looking at, and when they realize can add a sense of excitement. The only thing I would suggest is working on your focus a bit more. Having one point of focus could really add to the textures and intensity without making them so confusing people don’t even want to try and look.

  10. The perspective on these two images creates a heavy abstraction of the subjects and invites the viewer into wondering what exactly he or she is looking at. The careful composition hints heavily at these being animals, but as to whether they are alive or dead is a question that you have succeeded in provoking with these compositions.

  11. I really enjoy looking at the first image. It is very clean but full of expression. And the pattern on the second image is beautiful too!

  12. These are very interesting pieces. I like the subject matter, however, I think I would enjoy them more if you had framed the composition differently.

  13. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Great composition, abstraction, lighting, exposure, etc. You nailed it. I think one thing to work on in the future is incorporating different distances. In these images you’re about the same distance from the subject. It works in these photos, but can get redundant if you don’t move around. Great job!!

  14. It took me forever to figure out what I was looking at. I love how abstract these images are especially the top image. The eye gives you a clue that you’re looking an an animal but the composition is so abstract that you can’t tell what orientation the animal is in. The second one is slightly more effective because you don’t get that clue.

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