Kellogg Community College, photography

Amanda Spencer


This image was part of an exploration of many photographic processes, combining both digital and alternative methods. The base image is a high resolution digital scan of a characterized self-portrait made on a 4”x5” Wet Plate Collodion Tintype. The scan was printed at 4”x5” on Pictorico to create a digital negative and used in an enlarger. The process of Cliché verre was also used by first putting a feather into the enlarger and exposing the feather’s silhouette to the paper. The Tintype scan was then printed over the previously exposed feather silhouette.


This image was made by creating a photo-gram and then printing an image on top of it. It was a part of an exploration of alternative photographic processes in the darkroom. A black feather was placed over the paper and exposed under an enlarger. A 4″x”5 negative was then exposed to the same paper, causing the ‘bearded lady’ to appear only through the feather-window left by the first exposure.

Amanda Spencer
Art 295 Photo & Multimedia Spec Topics
Gelatin Silver Prints; 9″ x 12″

6 thoughts on “Amanda Spencer”

  1. You have two very interesting compositions. I’ve always enjoyed working with double exposures and i think you’ve demonstrated why. You never know what you’ll get and it’s always so interesting. I like what you did, the only recommendation i would make is to zoom out on the feather in your first photograph. I wouldn’t have know what it was if i hadn’t looked at the second.

  2. The exploration is really great to look at in this photograph! I like how this picture is more about the process it took you to make it, rather than how it turned out. However, it did turn out really great, and that’s really important too. I’d be more interested in hearing about your series, or what made you want to take/ compose a picture like this. Great job!

  3. This is a very interesting and creative idea and the result is amazing. I love the layers and that I really have to search the images to see everything. Excellent job, keep exploring!!!

  4. These images are very interesting and I am completely intrigued by the processes that were used. The exploration of these process can lead to many variations and that is what makes it also very interesting as a viewer. I am drawn to the top image most because of the softness it conveys and the layers of the processes make it difficult to first see it as a photograph. Very interesting.

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