12 thoughts on “Aoi Fukuyama”

  1. I’m not quite sure what i am looking at but i think that’s one of the reasons i like these compositions as much as i do. The colors of both pieces are mesmerizing and hypnotic which really lured me in. It almost seems like an ancient artifact or hidden treasure, I really like it!

  2. I really like the abstractness and color used in these photographs. However I’m completely unsure of what I’m looking at or for in your photographs which has me a little confused. I’d love to learn more about gum printing though, and to learn more about your concept behind your work! Good job though!

  3. I am not sure what gum printing is but I really like these two images. The colors of both pieces are very beautiful. And both images look very geometrical.

  4. These are really interesting prints and I love the your use of color. It’s great to see that alternative processes, especially gum bichromate, is still being taught. Your concept is hard to figure out but regardless your work stands on its own.

  5. These are really interesting to look at. I love the use of color and the semi abstraction that is happening with the print process. The compositions are strong and overall you’ve created great photos.

  6. I do not know much about this style of printing, but I find it extremely intriguing. I really enjoy that your subjects work well with the multiple layering of colors, and you seem to have a keen eye for emphasizing the geometry of your subjects which plays very nicely with those color layers.

  7. I agree with Tyler and find this extremely intriguing and the multiple colors and layers work well making it a strong composition. I think that with if the images were less abstract, it would lose my interest quickly.

  8. I think I am drawn to these images because of the color and imaginative world that seems to be created. I feel as if I am a bug looking around at others through these warped bright color tones. I think there is a nice balance of abstract elements with recognizable forms. Just enough information to keep me looking and want to build more of a story.

  9. I really enjoy these prints! I feel that the pink and blue compliment each other very well. I also think that these two prints give the viewer lots of room for interpretation.

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