Kellogg Community College, photography

Malia Scott



Malia Scott
ART 295 Photography Special Topics: Alternative Photography
9″x12″ printed on 11″x14″ Warmtone Fiber Paper. They were originally a part of a 12 image final project, but have been altered away from the original series.

The first image was printed normal and toned in a dark red wine overnight.
The second image was a Cliche Verre and Selenium toned.

11 thoughts on “Malia Scott”

  1. The first image is very dynamic. The contrast is done very well and the whole composition is very successful. It’s a very interesting image overall.

  2. Although i do enjoy the top photograph, the bottom one is what drew me in. I am also interested in work that photographs old toys, items, etc. i love the way that you messed with the print. this adds a new dimension to the composition and that this photograph was used and loved, like that toy may have been.

  3. I love these! The still life you used in order to take these photos is perfect for the medium by which you took them. I’ve never heard of this form of photography but the effect it had on your images (especially the My Little Pony one) left me wanting more. The only critique I have is that the one which looks like lace could be a bit more focused. It was truly the second picture which made me want to comment.

  4. Both of these images use the process that were printed perfectly. I think both compositions are successful and that in the top on my screen it is hard to see the red wine tone but with your explanation I am able to understand the process. I thin that the process is what makes the viewer even more intrigued and the contrast in both is very well done.

  5. I think these prints turned out really interesting and successful! I like the process that you used in the first photograph by toning it in a dark red wine overnight. I’d be interested in learning more about why you chose those objects to photograph, and if you set them up like that on purpose, or just shot them as is. Good job with experimenting with different processes though, I think that was really successful, and is the most interesting part.

  6. I really like the second image which reminds me of my childhood. The composition is very creative and interesting. Although it was a Cliche Verre and Selenium toned, it still has a modern urban feeling.

  7. What I read here is the idea that these are momentos from your childhood. The lace is classic and everyone knows what My Little Pony was. I think that these are strong, but they need something more to make them even more so.

  8. I have never heard of using red wine for toning images, but it adds a unique richness in its tonality. I really enjoy these two as a set because they have a similar aesthetic from the printing process, but the subject matter is entirely different and give opposing feelings.

  9. Great prints, and love the fact that you are playing around with the idea of alternative photography. I feel like these images are more playing around with the idea of alternative means of developing a photograph more so than a concept. Overall the images look great and would want to know more about the images themselves from your perspective.

  10. These photos are really beautiful, I especially like the second photo you did. The first one seems a bit over exposed and you start to lose some detail, but overall its very beautiful. I love the second one the best because you made it look very interesting. The color and tone of the photos complete them very well.

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