11 thoughts on “Megan Pellino”

  1. I think the second print is working really well. I love that you get a hint of the details in the background even though the picture is dark.

  2. The photographs are very interesting and I like that you focused on the light. It creates an eerie feeling and I like that both images achieved that. What is also great is the uniqueness of each light. Great photos and would love to see more from this series.

  3. I’ve been shooting a lot of lights lately so your work intrigued me. I love how you have aspects of both light and dark in both your photos. One of the biggest suggestions i have is just that it seems a bit bland. There’s not much going on in the composition. Maybe add a more prominent subject to your photos and use the lights as interesting background pieces. I think what you do have is composed very well, good job!

  4. These leave such a mysterious and creepy vibe for the viewer when we look at these, which I like! I’m interested to learn more about your series, and why you chose this subject. The lighting is really great, and dramatic, and the contrast is pretty good too. I love the light and dark aspects in your photographs, good work!

  5. The first image has a colder more masculine feel to it with the steel background and bare bulb. The second image feels more delicate and decorated with the floral wallpaper or shadows (I can’t really tell which it is). and the covered bulb. BOth images create a sense of mystery and I like that I can’t really tell where I am.

  6. Very eerie and intriguing – both of these images. I think their lack of a true white (other than the light) causes them to feel this way. I like the second image in particular because of the detailing/pattern on the walls as well as the light shadows cast upon the ceiling. Well done.

  7. I really enjoy the eeriness of these photographs, particularly the bottom piece. The way that there are so many reflections on the walls from the glowing light gives it a delicate, lovely touch. But it reveals so much. I do wish that the first piece had more reflections, but it is still a strong photo.

  8. these photographs give me the feeling of a dark tavern or restaurant, they are very old-school and i enjoy this eery yet homey feeling. the bottom photograph is much more successful to me, because of how many more details and aspects it has to it. the hint of the wallpaper, corner of the ceiling and shadow are really beautiful.

  9. You did a really great job taking photos of lights. That is a really difficult thing to do! I really enjoy the shadows in the second photo as well.

  10. The lighting on the bottom image is moody but calming at the same time. I enjoy that it’s not too bright and that the shadows create abstract shapes on the ceiling. The wallpaper also has a texture that the leaf helps create. Overall the tone and lighting give me a sense of entering some old hotel space that might be comfortable and have interesting style or haunted and full of mysterious lighting and shadows.

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