24 thoughts on “Nora Feldman”

  1. One of my favorites from class. Great use of my light throughout. The first image has to be one of my favorites from my series. The light from the window really makes the subject’s face light up.

  2. These images have contextual intrigue but I’m confused why they have a greenish/blue hue. They’re also very flat which I’m necessarily saying is harmful to these images but these images lack a true black and true white.

  3. Even though I don’t know much about the background behind these two photographs, I was really intrigued by the mysterious tone in each photograph. My series is about natural light, and so the lighting in these photographs also really caught my attention. The light hitting off the girls face in the top photo is really beautiful, and I really like how the light in the bottom silhouettes the other figure in the bottom photo. I’d really like to know more about the background for this series, and where it originated from. Good job with these photos, and I really like the mystery behind them!

  4. I think your choice in how silhouetted you allowed your figures to be was done very well.
    However for the first image I am confused as to the lighting situation. It seems like the light source coming from behind the blinds was manipulated to be brighter and it’s a bit distracting. It looks more fantastical than realistic, though I’m not sure which angle you were going for.
    I feel like pulling back a bit on the exposure in that area will add better texture to the piece because the texture of the blinds is gorgeous.

  5. I really enjoy these photographs together, but also separately. together they tell a story, and separately a very different one. i would normally say the bottom photograph is too dark, but with the perfected lighting of the top photograph, the bottom photographs darkness works completely. the abstracted silhouette is truly beautiful.

  6. The two photographs together capture my interest through mystery. I want to know what the girl is looking at through her window and whether or not is is supposed to be the man from the other photo, on the other side. The lighting is a key contributor to the eyrie feeling and it is done well, although I do wish to see a bit more of the man’s features, maybe a little more light. Beautifully done.

  7. There is a great sense of mystery to these photos and I really like them. Black and white was an effective choice to exaggerate the contrast between both light and dark in both images. It seems almost as if the women in the first image is hiding from something (possibly the man in the second image) and it leaves me wanting to know more.

  8. Great use of light. I love the overall feeling of mystique in these images, which make the viewer want to know more. Both the images are very well composed, however, when both need a little more contrast (true black and true white).

  9. Love, love, love the lighting in these photographs. Congrats, they are both beautiful. The light on the girl’s face is absolutely gorgeous. Great use of silhouettes in both.
    I would agree with others that both images could use a bit more contrast – there is no true white in either, which leaves both photographs a bit flat.

  10. I really like these pictures. The use of lighting is what is most intriguing. Using just the natural light from the window is a unique way to brighten the subjects face. I also love the harsh side/back light in the second picture and the way it silhouettes his hat. Great job!

  11. I am so impressed by the way these ended up turning out. I know how you struggled after the first attempt at this series, and I also helped you with the second attempt. These images really show off what you learned, and I especially love the idea you had of using a light outside of the house and shining it into the window. That really adds to the top image and gives a great noir feel.

  12. The bottom image really grabs my attention. I’m not sure if it’s the way the photography reads or if I’m a big fan of black but it pops well. I find the photo to be full of excitement and interrogation. The way the light reads off the way on the right side makes me want to continue looking beyond the photo and find out more about where we are and who we are talking to.

  13. The contrast of the light through the blinds on her face and hand in contrast to the dark areas in the first image are wonderful. I also love the way you captured the expression on her face and the details of it. I think the first image is wonderful and does a good job portraying a precise moment.

  14. I really enjoy these photographs because there’s something so lovely about the lighting. It’s so delicate, yet reveals so much narrative in these pieces.

  15. Hey Nora,

    these are working very well contextually. The only problem I see is on the right side of the images where there is a bit of a brownish color that was maybe caused in the fixing process of the photos. Also I feel these images could maybe be pushed a bit further in their contrast. Overall I think these images are working very towards achieving the noire aesthetic that you’re going for.

  16. The lighting in these images is really intriguing. I think the first photo is more successful than the second one. The exposure is off in the second picture, and I think it would be a lot more striking if it was less dim. Try metering or taking practice shots.

  17. Great photographs! You’ve used the silhouettes to your advantage in a beautiful way. Both images could use a bit more of a true white, however, even if it’s just tiny bit – a truer white would accentuate the silhouettes even more!

  18. I like the film noir look of both of these images. The singular light source with the black and white tones is really captivating. I also think you used wardrobe well, especially in the second photograph.

  19. The silhouettes in your images are outstanding. You captured the subject with strips of light which made the bottom composition strong. The bottom image starts a story for me.

  20. The photos are nice and they bring you back to the old days, where they only took black and white photos. The lighting gives it a more dramatic feel without being too overly dramatic. The actions they’re portraying in the image, like the first one of the girl peeking through the blinds, it makes you curious on what she is seeing on the other side, perhaps maybe the man? Either way both human characters seem to have alot of mind activity going on. I wonder what they’re thinking. What they’re pondering. It must be as intense as the chiaroscuro captured so nicely in these stills.

  21. These photos are outstanding! I really like the dark and mysterious feeling. The silhouette in the bottom photo is very well done!

  22. The lighting in these photos is exquisite. It’s so soft, but it highlights just the perfect parts in each one, and really has me interested in the narrative here. Great job with composition and lighting.

  23. You completely nailed these. I always try to take photos that illustrate Film Noir and I have yet to get images this close. Your light sources are well composed and add even more mystery to the images.

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