10 thoughts on “Olivia Cook”

  1. Great use of overall colors. I’m definitely in knowing if the other images in the series had bright colors such as the purple and yellow as its overall tone. Also, I think that the fact the subjects are not showing their face gives these two images a powerful message.

  2. I had only viewed the top image in class, but I feel like the pairing of these two images is spot on. From the grouping of photos with complimentary colours, to the emotions conveyed in the images by said colours, to the choice in emphasizing different parts of the body.
    The images are very minimalist, and I believe that is where their power lies. There isn’t a strong need for a heavy setting, the open space allows for the individuals to be the emphasis without being overwhelming.
    As well as that the open space allows for the figures to be engulfed in the colour of the background surrounding them.
    This lets the emotion of the colours further drive home the feelings conveyed by the bodies.
    It’s makes a very tense harmony, well done.

  3. I am very drawn to the lower image. The narrative could go anyway the viewer wants to take it. While the angle of the shot and the posture of the women is strong, for me, the receding telephone polls leading to the bushes ties the photograph together. Very beautiful color, mysterious setting, and full of possibilities.

  4. Love your use of color and creates an interesting scene within both images. It’s interesting to see that you chose colors that complement each other well, and would love to see a series developed from these images. The narrative of the images are also intriguing and I want to know more about the individuals photographed. Your use of space in the background is also interesting because it makes the viewer focus more on the use of lines in your images.

  5. I would be interested to learn more about your theme for this series as well as seeing more images from it. These two images do a phenomenal job of drawing in and capturing my interest. I love the tension they create and the overall uneasiness I am left with while viewing them.

  6. I love that you chose these two photographs, because the colors are awesome. The purple and yellow are so vibrant, and really helps attract the viewers eye. My favorite one is the top picture with the person’s body pushed against the floor. It’s really interesting that the floor is see-through sort of, and I think that’s what makes the image so successful. Good job overall Olivia! 🙂

  7. Love your use of color and compositions in both images. The first one looks very mysterious and sexy. Also it feels like the second image is trying to tell us some stories which is a quiet but strong image.

  8. these two photos are awesome, the top one gives off a great sense of entrapment and sense of fear, and with the bottom one, i get a great sense of a lost feeling with her looking back and the empty background, amazing photos! great work.

  9. the top image draws me in very successfully. together they are very cinematic and a story line or concept would have been very helpful. their is a sense of awaiting doom. i enjoy the colors in these. the slightly slanted composition of these works well together.

  10. I love your use of color. I think the fact that the two photos are complimentary colors is why they work so well together. The composition in both of these is also really great. Overall very strong photos.

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