18 thoughts on “Paul Edwards”

  1. Great photographs, alternative techniques are one of the most interesting things to learn in photography. I feel that your photographs are very successful both in concept as well as technique. It’s amazing to see processes that were highly regarded years ago being used once again. Every photographer should take an alternative photography class to experience as well as appreciate the easy access that we have to creating images. Overall, this was a good idea and would love to see more work.

  2. Both of these images are well composed. Using alternative techniques worked well! You are successful in making them look antique. The film peeling on the top image is very intriguing.

  3. Dear Paul,

    In particular I think the bottom photo reveals the struggles visually of the early photographer. In your description of your project I think it would be good to list what format you were shoot in (8×10, 4×5, etc..) and the processes you did choose to you.. Otherwise I begin to think about Photoshop constructions.

    Nice work thematically.

    Best Regard,

  4. I really enjoy your experimentation with alternative techniques. It is something I wish to have the chance to do. I love how just using a different format and process can give two images such a different feel. Your chosen subjects also aid to the effectiveness. Great work!

  5. I really love your experimenting for these photographs. I’d be really interested to see your whole process of making these photographs, and what all of the steps are to get to where you got for these. The way you did these made the photographs seem really mysterious and creepy in a way. Each photograph has its own personality and backstory to it, and they’re really interesting to look at. The different textures, and antiqueness of each photo only makes the viewers look that much longer at each one, and that’s really successful. Good job overall!

  6. These are great and interesting ways to explore photography. Photography is definitely a process and by exploring these alternative processes, you’re expanding your knowledge and creating a wonderful experience for both yourself and the viewer.

  7. I enjoy how well these showcase the intense process photography can be. The images fit the aesthetic of old photography very well, and I appreciate the amount of work that clearly went into achieving that aesthetic in these images. I can’t wait to see more!

  8. The photogravure below really brings me back in time. I can imagine a time and place far from now. The look and feel of the subject matter and texture of the print seem authentic and not trying to replicate old photographic techniques. I think it would be interesting to throw new styles of subject matter into the old traditional ways of making a photograph.

  9. I love the bottom photo especially. The blur effect really helps capture the essence of an old photograph. The idea of showcasing what you can do to dramatically change the mood of a photo is very cool. Keep it up.

  10. I really enjoy the way you portrayed the vintage-like setting of both photographs. Your compositions are very strong.

  11. These are really interesting photographs. I especially enjoy the vintage look that you did a wonderful job recreating through the process. The overall set up of the bottom one is also interesting. I like the composure of the man and the gun in relation to the environment he is in.

  12. I think you did a great job with these older processes. I love the layers that you’ve created with the cracks on the first image and the fogginess on the second. I think they really add to the photos.

  13. Each image is successful in the way that I can not discern the date they were taken and that I myself was intrigued and went to google more about the process today compared to yesterday. The top image is more interesting in that it looks like the process is what makes the photograph and the second makes me first think of photoshop so I agree that the process is important to understanding the photograph.

  14. So refreshing to see you experimenting. I like how you are trying to reenact old photography and are therefore learning first hand of the struggles early photographers must have endured. I really think the images turned out great and I love the cracks and fogginess the process added. It makes the images all the more interesting.

  15. I really like the mystery feeling i get from both of the images, more so in the bottom one! i think it is because you can still see his face but you can’t fully distinguish it, i think if that crack going across the girls face would stop at her cheek bone, and you did more of a blur on her like the bottom one i think they would connect more as a pair. other than that these pictures are awesome, keep up the good work!

  16. Love the idea of replicating a older photograph. The photographs show a sense of mystery and interest. Really enjoy trying to decipher when the photo was taken and what is going on within the image.

  17. I like the concept of experiencing earlier photographic techniques. Both images definitely grab viewers attention initially because they’re different. There is a sense of mystery in both images that captures viewers’ attention even more. I enjoy images that make you think. Both of these are great!

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