photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Tyson Banh



Tyson Banh
Art 376: Beginning Photography
Silver Prints; 8″ x 10″
Within a series of 10 images

These images represent part of a larger series focusing on the ephemeral quality of humans and our creation of waste. The banana peel, although organic, was consumed by humans and left on the man-made, concrete ground. The tumbler cup, created by humans, was left abandoned. It drifted aways here until someone claims it or throws it away. Both items are seen as garbage, but once were valuable items to a human.

14 thoughts on “Tyson Banh”

  1. I like how in these it’s garbage that have become art. You also did a good job capturing the textures of the objects (bricks, concrete, etc.) They’re polished pieces that still have some rugged textures.

  2. There is something about how simplistic these images are that I find very intriguing. I love the idea of taking trash, something we all find useless, and making it the focus of your composition. I also think black and white was an effective choice that brings everything together. Great job!

  3. I enjoy photography that looks at the everyday and things that we often by pass. The composition is simple which I think works and that they are black and white takes away any dating that could happen if it was in color. The texture is also important and nice in each photograph.

  4. I really like that you captured the every day things, like Rebecca mentioned above, and I like the concept of waste for your series. I haven’t seen anyone do this concept yet for a series, so I’d be interested in seeing more of your work, and if you are continuing to take pictures of waste on the ground, or if you are taking pictures of waste in other ways. The lighting is good, but the contrast could be a little darker. Good job though!

  5. These images speak highly to our “throw away” society and culture. They are especially dramatic and feel like they hit the point you are aiming for in black and white images. I don’t think they would convey your message as well in color.
    Nice work.

  6. I love the contrast you depicted in these images. I think it helps add to the disturbing effect of the subject matter. It could be interesting to experiment with different angles and points of view in order to vary the compositions, but all in all nicely done.

  7. Your idea about society is great. From degradable to non degradable items thrown away create a good majority items to use and all in-between. Maybe you can use items that are trash to some people yet valuable to other people as well to push the idea of what truly is valuable to people as a whole.

  8. I think these photos successfully communicate your concept. They are beautiful photos in and of themselves. I really love the second one just for lighting and composition.

  9. i enjoy the composition of these photographs and the way that they work together. i would enjoy them side by side as well. consider continuing your project focusing on less obvious ways that humans waste or the mess that we leave or our amount of consumption.

  10. I find your concept interesting about these things once being of importance to a human but are now discarded on the side of the street. It makes me think about the impact that these objects would have on other people other than the person who dropped them. The banana peel will biodegrade in a couple of weeks, or be eaten by some animal, either way becoming a part of the earth yet again. The plastic cup however, will remain for much longer, much like the photo of it, affecting and polluting future generations of this earth.

  11. i think these pictures are perfect depictions of the human race, not as a whole, but of the few that don’t care and generate this type of waste. Composition wise i really like how the main objects, (the cup and banana) aren’t directly in the center of the photo, and that makes for a cool composition. The only thing i would maybe do is, for the banana one, tweak the black and white settings so the banana isn’t close to the same color as the back wall, and make it more noticeable! other than that these are great photos, keep up the great work!

  12. Enjoy the idea of showing mans flaws with waste and littering. The images seem to be simple enough to show your strong topic.

  13. These pictures are simple but very elegant. I love how objectified both objects like. It would have a very different feel if the objects were directly in the middle or if the light source was placed directly on them. The composition works very well!

  14. Love the concept here! I also love how the grittiness of the film gives a somber and grim mood. I am also drawn to the images as a pair. The first photo provides how even though an object is organic, it’s still garbage and the process of degradation of the banana peel is impossible on concrete.

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