12 thoughts on “Lauren Latouf”

  1. This is definitely an interesting diptych paired together. Lighting the background is a great way to separate the subject, but it in this case, it feels like an overarching halo for these two people, almost as if they were religious characters. I think the lighting is almost there, I would brighten the faces a little bit more and watch out for unwanted shadows. Great job!

  2. Both images are very interesting and work together well. My only concern is your lighting, and maybe relying to much on post processing. The halo effect that the images are going for could have been achieved with proper lighting techniques and would suggest it if you are re-shooting these images. Overall the layout of the photos are well composed and lighting is the only issue.

  3. Hi Lauren,

    Nice work with the first image. This seems to be a moment in an imaginary time. Both subjects unaware of the camera, seemingly. The second photo, the man seems to be more conscious on camera. I am wonder if the poses of the two photos, could more echo each other in a diptych format better if the man were looking down or in a different direction with partially open eye too.

    Wishing you the best,

  4. The use of lighting is really what makes these images so strong for me. As others have hinted at, the radiant glow emanating from the subjects invoke a certain feeling of divinity that I believe you were going for in your theme.

  5. These are both really interesting compositions, and I wish I could see a description to get some background on these. The subjects seem unaware of the camera in both of these portraits, and it really makes your audience wonder what they’re doing or thinking about. The lighting and contrast would be the only thing I recommend improving, but other than that good job!

  6. I really like what you’ve done with both your pieces. Your models are very comfortable in front of the camera. The only recommendation i would make is to dull down the vignette. I like the affect but it comes off a bit strong. Great job though!

  7. these two photos are great! the great sense of emotion i get from these two photos is amazing, great job!

  8. the lighting in these portraits are really beautiful, the halo around them is perfect. i wish i had some more context to these photographs and i could more accurately define how i feel about them conceptually.

  9. These images are well shot, and have great lighting. I think the vignetting is a little bit too strong. You could open it up and still have it be just as effective without being too heavy.

  10. The use of fabric in the second image really interests me. The fabric seems to create both negative and positive space within the relationship between the subjects which I think works very well.

  11. Very impressed with the relationship you were able to create between the two subjects in this series. It brings up many questions regarding how the relationship is structured, and leaves me wants even more of an insight into the lives of these two. It feels as if they both have stories to tell. Good work.

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