16 thoughts on “Darline Morales”

  1. Your top photo really intrigues me. The way the house is tilted at an angle makes it seem odd, but when you look at the windows of the car in the front, you see the lines are parallel to the horizon. I love how the lines make you look through the whole image. Nice job.

  2. Dear Darline,

    There is something really jarring about both of these photos. They seem askew. This could be seen as not compositionally correct. Yet, I find both of the images interesting. The tilted house and the cropped refrigerator photo. I keep wondering about the clothing pens in this photo.. Both of the photographs have a broader or open narrative then other photos of the same subject matter.

    Thanks for making these!

    Best Regards,

  3. I think the thing which intrigues me the most about your photographs is your use of perspective. I also enjoy the grain you incorporated into your images, it gives them an eerie, almost ghost-like, feeling. I also like the detail on the clothespins. The inclusion of names gives each clothespin a back-story.

  4. Darline,
    It is really great to see these images from your final project. I know and saw how hard you worked on the brightness of your images, and these really show that hard work. This is especially true in the second image as it was an indoor image and I know how little light you had to work with. I also love the grittiness that comes across and how it adds to the theme.

  5. These are great images, and your perspective for the bottom image is interesting. The subject matter is really open and I enjoy that there is no background information for any of the images. It would be interesting to see more of your work especially since it seems that you enjoy working with still subjects.

  6. These two images are really interesting in the way that I can’t tell if they belong together for a specific reason or not. The bottom photo could be apart of a pantry in that house that’s pictured on top, or it could be a completely different pantry somewhere else. It would be really interesting to see the backstory behind these two photographs, and if they really do go together or if you’re just creating the illusion of it all. The compositions are also really great, and overall these photographs are really nice, good job!

  7. I really enjoy the really deep blacks in your prints. It adds a lot of weight and heft to the picture. Looking at both the images together, the clothes pins really add to how many people live in the house and the many different characters that are there.

  8. I really like the way the house is portrayed in the top image. The choice to have it tilted is very intriguing, especially with the layout of the cars being straight in the frame. The bottom picture leaves me with a lot of questions. I find myself wanting more information about the clips with the names, especially in relation to the food products. I also like that Kikkoman is the only product name that can be distinguished clearly.

  9. I wish I could see these prints in person because I’m sure they have much more life in person…was going to comment that the photo seemed a little flat but knowing this is a digital transfer, it probably looks brighter in print. I find a strong connection between the house and the sauces with clothespins below. I think the photos shown individually wouldn’t have the power they do together. I start to ask questions about the house and the connections between the people who live together.

  10. Your images are very interesting compositionally. The tiled house feels “off” but it works with the image. I want to know more about why there are clothspins in the frig? These images give me a sense of the familiar unknown.

  11. Both of these images have interesting perspectives, which are not immediately comfortable for the viewer, as we are used to – try pushing these odd perspectives in the future and see what it does for you!

  12. I love how these photos seemingly don’t go together, but then you look at them for a minute and they totally make sense. Great job showing us two points and letting us connect the dots. Sometimes that’s hard to do. There’s a narrative quality to these that I feel a lot of people can relate to.

  13. The organized chaos in the second image is really working for me. Not only is it such an interesting composition, but also an interesting image to have seen and decided to shoot. I wonder about the clothespins and what relation they might have or not have to the soy sauce/other condiments located behind them.

  14. I really like the use of black and white in these images. It gives you the idea of mystery while holding a beautiful contrast that instantly catches the eye.

  15. What first caught my eye was the first image of the house. The picture to me gave me a grim vibe, but then I looked at the second image and tried to connect it, and couldn’t. (I don’t know if that’s the point you are trying to make)

    Compositionally they are both well thought out. The use of black of white is phenomanal

  16. I think you got the contrast in the images perfectly right. They have this old timey look to them and I love that!!

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