7 thoughts on “Mandy Hess”

  1. Dear Mandy,

    There is some very powerful imagery in this video-the pinning of the fingers (with safety pins), the feather and some of the treatments of the windows and birds as layered images.

    I like how the written phrase is slowly revealed over time. And the rhythm of the soundscape really portrays and obsessed or haunting memory.

    I was wondering if there would be blood that came out of the fingers. I didn’t see it, but thought it cold be in the video somehow or the illusion of it. And I’m wondering if the sound levels could also vary more to strengthen the pacing of the film.

    Keep up the great art-making

  2. I wish there was some context to this video but the video itself was very well done. It gave me a very uncomfortable feeling and an extreme sense of curiosity as to why this video was created. The effects were great and the audio was well put together!

  3. this film really reminds me of a horror film, with the shaky filming style and haunting voice. i would also like some more context, but from watching i assume that it has to do with being stuck in a mental hospital, or at least stuck in ones own brain. if this was what you intended than you did this very successfully.

  4. This video has a very surreal and meaningful feeling to it watching you stick all those pins through your finger gave me chills

  5. This is visually stunning and the audio is fantastic. There’s nothing about this video that I don’t absolutely love. The concept of being trapped while watching someone or something else being free is easily understood, and the analogy with the safety pins reminds me of how butterfly specimens are pinned for display. Beautifully done.

  6. Mandy this is an impressive video with good use of audio. The use of the pins also remind me of a butterfly collection being pinned for display. I am always intriqued and entertained with beauty and horror. Well done and thank you for sharing.

  7. I enjoyed the nature of this film, putting the viewer on tilt. I very much enjoyed the video effects; furthermore, some were unsettling where as others drew you in. A nice piece. Thank you for sharing.

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