photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Alex Michalowski

i-shall-see-you-again-soon death-is-a-wall

Alex Michalowski
Art 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 8″ x 10″
2 of 10

I am working with text and image and how they work together. The quotes are from a book of letters written by Sherman Andersen from 1916-1933. I am reading the book throughout the semester and taking picture simultaneously. I cut the quotes from the book, scanned them in and placed them over my image in Photoshop. Over the semester I will be trying multiple ways of incorporating the text into the image.

21 thoughts on “Alex Michalowski”

  1. I really love your concept of putting together the text and the image. It reminds me of what Vanderbilt does where he pairs two different images that have nothing to do with each other, but the viewer tries to put them together. You’re kind of doing the same thing here, but pairing a random text with a random picture, and the audience is trying to put the two/ connect the two together in some way. I think this is really successful, and has the viewers thinking about your pictures for a longer amount of time. Good job!

  2. Your images are strong compositionally. The way the captions from the book are cut out they appear kind of like a fortune cookie. I think it would be interesting to play with making the text slightly transparent so that the text feels more ingrained with the work. Interesting concept.

  3. Your compositions are strong in both images. Have you thought of playing with the making the text slightly transparent to feel more ingrained with the image? I find them interesting but the text feels like cut out fortune cookies pasted on the image. I think playing with transparency could make it very interesting.

  4. This is a very literal way to put text and image together. I love the image and I love the text but they don’t have the same weight or focal point. I think you could try scaling the text to different sizes so it’s easier to read, especially in large blocks, or have it smaller if you want us to work harder to read it. The images are very clean and could stand alone too!

  5. I really like what you’ve done with your compositions. The text gives the images a very literal images which, i think, will draw people farther into your work. The only suggestion i have is that you find more natural way to incorporate the text. I either fiddling with the transparency or the blending options should solve the problem.

  6. This is an interesting concept and would want to see more come from this series. Incorporating text into photography isn’t new and I would like to see what unique ways you can place it into a photography. The text you use is also great because it makes you wonder if it goes with the image. Overall great project and would suggest creating more around this idea.

  7. I don’t really have much experience viewing images with text as it is something that doesn’t usually attract me, and I have zero experience creating that genre. I really enjoy the variability in length of text between these two images. From a design perspective I think that the text could have been a bit more carefully placed but I do think you hit it on the head in terms of the size of the text snippets. Overall great start, and I’m very interested to see how this project develops because it is a style I am not used to!

  8. I really love these images. Your text pairings work extremely well the images. The text you chose adds an extra depth to the images. I think this is especially true of the second one. You did a wonderful job drawing attention to what might be an every day sight that gets overlooked.

  9. It would be interesting to see images that relate better to the text. I feel the text is supposed to give narrative to a scene but the image and text aren’t related enough to intrigue my imagination.

  10. The second image is really strong. The cigarettes on the ground relate really well to the text in the image. They help reinforce the concept of the image very well.

  11. i think the second works really well because just the fact that the ground is grimy and it represents cigarettes well, grimy. great photo

  12. i enjoy the slight grittiness of these photographs, i recommend writing with a white pen or sharpie on the photographs, it may add a sense of urgency and personality.

  13. I feel like the second photo relates more strongly to the text than the first one. Both of the photos themselves are very strong. Sometimes text can really compete with an image rather than strengthen it, so be very aware of how the text relates in terms of the actual text, but also the the composition and the space it takes up. The second photo is more successful because the text and photo work together and I saw the photo without being too distracted by the quote. The first photo is a great photo, but the quote distracted me too much from the image. Just something to be aware of. I’d say definitely keep exploring this though!

  14. I love the photos you chose to be paired with the quotes. They seem so organic and especially with photos that are paired with writing it is very easy to look cliche and like the photos are too literal when paired with the words.
    Letters are almost like a constant stream of thought put onto paper and I these images feel like they are scenes seen through the eyes of the writer. They are walking through their daily life and thinking these things that are now transferred into writing.
    It’s very poetic, and a great representation of the human experience.
    It is a reminder of all the small goings on inside each of our heads and within our lives. It reminds us that there are minds existing outside of our own, that the lives of others don’t come into being once we encounter them, they exist on their own. Equally as intense and detailed as our own.

  15. The image behind the words in the second picture is particularly interesting to me. It is gritty but it’s simplicity balances that out in a way that is very beautiful to me. You also did a very good job with your focus and depth of field in it. I think your idea is really great!

  16. I like the idea of putting text and pictures together. I also think that the way the text doesn’t directly relate but once you see the connection it makes it so powerful. It still allows room for inference and imagination of viewers.

  17. I really enjoy the idea of combining text and imagery because it can create such strong compositions. I am more partial to the second photo– because I feel the text and the photo have more of a connection than the first. These are both really beautiful images, but the text I think really should relate.

  18. This is awesome. I love the juxtaposition of text and image, and the emotions that these evoke. I would absolutely love to see the rest of the series, and you have me wanting to find that book.

  19. The way you’ve taken your subject matter to be ordinary scenes that represent the quotes works very well. The photos, the first with the snow and the second with the cigarettes, both give the feeling of solitude. It goes great with the quotes

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