photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Carson Shipley



Carson Shipley
476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 8×10

I’m interested in manipulating darkness. Keeping the lens open just until I feel that enough light has been captured. For me, time and darkness allow minimal amounts of light to really show off its color and mood in ways we don’t normally experience them.

17 thoughts on “Carson Shipley”

  1. I know this isn’t really about lines in space, but I think the top picture does a nice job of fragmenting the composition as a whole into color fields and lines. Could be something extra to add to your investigation.

  2. This concept is pretty interesting in general. Manipulating darkness is really hard to do, and keeping the lens open for just the right amount of time is also really challenging, but I think you did a great job here. The only thing I would say is to maybe photograph more interesting objects. The top photo is mainly of a ceiling which doesn’t necessarily attract the viewers as much as the bottom photo does with the object. Other than that, the colors and lighting look great!

  3. I feel like the top photo is extremely successful. From the gradient colors in the ceiling, to the natural variation in the curtain. I really like how you chose to use the ceiling for most of the frame. As far as the second photograph goes, it looks as though your ISO might have been a little high, as the image is a little noisy, which is understandable when you are shooting in low light situations. You could always try turn it down a little bit, and then edit it lighter, while removing some of that noise in post production. Them again, if that is your aesthetic, and you like it, and how it fragments the light – keep it 🙂 Nice work.

  4. I really like the idea that you’re using different and untraditional light sources like the television to light your image. The long exposure gives us a view of what happened on that television, but in it’s reflection on the wall. Long exposures is something that we can never see with our plain eye so I think there are a lot of ideas that you can do with that! Keep up the great work!

  5. You have a very interesting and unique way of looking at things. I really like what you’ve done with both of your compositions! the unnatural blue hues are especially interesting to me. The only things i would recommend is to work with your lighting. I think these compositions are a bit too dark. Great job though!

  6. These are great images, and an interesting concept that you have. The colors in the images are unique, and it would be an experiment to play with other colors of light. Another suggestion is working with other light sources either in buildings or even outside.

  7. i completely agree with your concept, i love that you are using darkness to your advantage. unfortunately i believe only the top photograph shows this successfully. i really love and feel connected to the top image, while the bottom image is more less appealing to me.

  8. At first I wasn’t the biggest fan of the top image, but I find that the more I look at it, the more captivating it becomes. The composition combined with the intense blue just creates a certain mood that is mesmerizing and succeeds in pulling me in to the photograph completely. I feel as if I could be sucked in through the monitor into your image.

  9. Dear Carson,

    Your first photo particularly stands out to me. I am struck not only by the complementary colors you chose or captured but by the contrast of a more flat/matte space with a textured space at the bottom of the photo. I was wondering if you played around with the amount of space between the two times of spaces (having less or more distance between them, to see what that would create visually…)

    Thank you for making these.

    Best Regards,

  10. I really enjoy this concept and I feel that both images accomplish the theme and aesthetic you’re to achieve. The top image feels more successful than the bottom image in my opinion. The bottom image compliments the upper image well but I think the dark masses in the foreground don’t really do much for the image because there isn’t much detail or purpose to them compositionally. This is probably because I don’t know enough information yet about the content in the images. I was wondering what your reasoning for the dark masses was? I also agree with the comment Alexandra made about the ISO and the graininess of the bottom photo. Overall great work and concept. I’m very interested in seeing where it goes.

  11. The cool blue/purple tone on the top picture is really interesting in relation to the way it seems more energetic in the bottom. I think the top picture is particularly successful because of the bottom having the gold curtains and they way they contrast the light that you were able to capture.

  12. As others have said, great job manipulating the darkness! I will be interested to see more from this body of work and how you continue to work with the darkness. The subtleness of the top photograph is part of what makes it so successful – the somewhat abstracted composition works well with your concept, and focuses the viewer more on the light than on trying to connect with any of the objects in the darkness.

  13. I like the first image a lot. I like that the light from the window and the other light source have contrasting light colors. I think the use of different light colors is an interesting concept. I like the second image too but I think the first image is much stronger and has a more interesting concept behind it.

  14. The top image really captures my attention. I love the gradient of blue/purple which is complemented by the yellow light from the window. These colors really capture a mood and I think that makes the photo all the more successful!

  15. Love the short range of hues in your work. The cool tones, give me a calming effect. I think you did a great job within your camera to capture so much color in a dim – dark setting.

  16. Your manipulations in both these compositions are very interesting. I like the framing you chose for both photos. However, more of a subject may be something you would like to keep in mind.

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