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Kyle Powers

Picture 5 (edit 2)

Picture 7 (edit 2)

Kyle Powers
Art 476 : Digital Photography
Digital Prints (8.5 by 11)

Description: These two photos are from a series I did on lights and signage. I love working with and manipulating colors in Photoshop to get unexpected results like this. I think if the viewer takes a second glance at my work i have accomplished what i set out to do.

16 thoughts on “Kyle Powers”

  1. Your light manipulation is fantastic. It takes a second to realize that is not a real exit sign in the first one, and that the colors are not really there is the second one. Great job.

  2. I think this series is really beautiful. I’m also working with light and I think you captured the light really great in your photos, especially the bottom one. The sign in the top photo is also really intriguing to me. It almost looks like a black and white photo, but then the color of the sign pops out at you. Manipulating the colors on the EXIT sign was really successful and puts a fun twist on the photograph, since we’re so used to seeing EXIT signs in all red, and not with a hint of purple.

  3. I really enjoy how you manipulated the first image so that it first was black and white, and then working monochromatically added interest to draw your viewer in. In the second composition, I feel like it has a very nostalgic feel with its muted tones. Additionally, you have a nice range of whites and blacks in these, even they are (mostly) black and white. Great attention to lines.

  4. The EXIT sign is definitely bold and stands out as more playful than what we would think its original use is for. I like that with the manipulation of colors, you can really change the narrative of the image. I also like that the light from the building bleeds from the glass walls onto the snow. It’s subtle enough for us to wonder if that’s natural that we can see with our eyes or if it’s manipulated for extra saturation.

  5. Great set of photos, I really enjoy the lighting in both images. It is interesting to see the light manipulation that you’ve processed in Photoshop and how well it works with the composition. This would make an interesting series, especially if you start to look at other unique areas that focus on lighting.

  6. I enjoy these two images immensely. The exit sign image does an excellent job at making the viewer think in a unique way about the image. We are all so used to the exit signs being red, and the small (but powerful) change you made to the coloring of the exit sign really adds a lot of meaning and provokes much thought while viewing it. I also particularly enjoy how you mimicked the colors coming from the building onto the snow in the second image. It just adds a layer of depth to the image.

  7. Hi Kyle,

    I really like the second photograph. It has a powerful use of the diagonal in it as a formal element. I am most interested in the yellow-orange windows and the light reflecting in the snow. I keep thinking of traditional Japanese architecture using paper.

    I am wondering what a small light in the very distance (in the black area) would do for the photo. In cinematography I know for most night scenes you want a light source very far back to create more depth.

    Wishing you a great rest of the semester!

  8. Changing the color on the exit sign is a great idea. Everyone knows what exit sign colors generally are so making the view take a 2nd glance is on point. I wonder though are there any reasons for the colors you chose, they could have a significant underlying meaning or something more shocking or eye appealing, just some thoughts. Great ideas!

  9. I enjoyed both images greatly just was curious as to what the thinking was behind making the changes so inconspicuous?

  10. Powerful compositions where the dynamics of angles support the array of subtle colors; beautiful. I believe I see a soft ocean wave creeping up against the sidewalk of the building, but not sure. If it is so, …wait, it’s probably just snow. At any rate, great focus on setting and selection of areas where such colors will state their purposes for such subjects.

  11. I really like the colors you chose for the exit sign. They fit really well with the image and go together in an interesting way. It also adds a good visual contrast to the muted background.

  12. I enjoy both of these photos, but I’m a bigger fan of the second one. I had to take a second look to notice the subtle, yet beautiful and powerful, change you made to the snow. Everything about that second photo is great. I think you were definitely successful in your concept.

  13. The light getting bounced off of the snow is so beautiful to me. Both of the images are very strong and unique in the way you are manipulating signage and light.

  14. I really enjoy your color manipulations. The first has an obvious manipulation, but the second one I had to scan for the subtle change you made to the snow. I really like how some are obvious and some you can’t really see unless you look really hard.

  15. I really like the first one, but I think it will great if you only used red color on the exit sign. (it kind of divided my attention into four parts instead of focusing on the exit sign)

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