photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Angela Johnson



Angela Johnson
ART 576: Photography
Digital Prints; 8″ x 10″
Series of images for a future book

I have been creating a series of ice images on windows that will ultimately go into a book. The ice stands in as a metaphor for for memory, memory loss, passage of time, and memories fading over time.

12 thoughts on “Angela Johnson”

  1. Hi Angela,

    I really like the top image. It’s about being blocked. Blocked inside from the cold, blocked view, and seeing in fragments. I know everyone says this but I can see these both printed really big on a wall to emphasis the tension between outside and inside.

    Best Regards,

  2. You did a really good job on capturing the details of ice. I really like the first one image which I think perfectly stands for your metaphor for memory fading over time. The line of the ice on window you captured is very beautiful and it is nice to see the blurred background which I think kind of represent the fading memory.

  3. I really like the idea of ice being a metaphor for memory. It has a very poetic sense. I like the way the ice mimics the outdoor scene, but also blocks our view to the outside on the image as well.

  4. Pairing snow on a windows with memory and passage of time is very unique and, honestly, a brilliant concept. I would have never thought of the snow as a metaphor for those concepts but your images, especially the first one, definitely invoke feelings of memory combined with melancholy.

  5. I think what you have here is very interesting. I like how you played with something we see quite often and made it the subject of your photos. The fact that the ice is on the window almost makes it seem like there is something else the viewer should be looking at but we only get a partial idea of what that is. I really like what you’ve done, the only recommendation i would make is to maybe include something else besides ice in your compositions to make them a bit more dynamic. Great Job!

  6. When I look at these I get the sense of longing to be outside on a cold day. That also brings back memories of being outside on a beautiful day. I think your concept it very versatile for each viewers’ thoughts. I like it a lot.

  7. i really enjoy your top photograph, especially for your concept. visually it is more appealing than the second photograph but that one definitely plays a different part in your concept which is also important.

  8. Both of these photos create a lot of tension and frustration for me, and I would imagine for others as well. Considering the context/intent of them, it works with the photos very successfully. I think the viewer just wants to see more and isn’t allowed that, and that’s where the tension resides.
    The diptych of these two helps give two sides of the same coin. The bottom shows a complete memory block off, you want to remember but there’s a complete wall that’s in your way. The top image shows a gentle fade from blur to practically nothing, showing there is part of the memory there. but the person can’t quite reach the rest.

  9. I like how you captured the texture of the ice, especially in the top picture. I think your topic is very interesting. The concept of ice blocking a view is similar to a mind blocking a memory and I would not have thought of that. Nice work!

  10. I like this concept and the use of ice as a metaphor. I’m interested to see where this goes once the ice is gone. I think the colors of each image are also indicative of the emotions you are trying to convey. Maybe (once the season changes) using the new colors to convey other emotions. Very nice!

  11. I would never have thought, when looking at snow/ice covering windows, to resemble memory and or memory loss, and now that i see this its so awesome. It works perfect because with the snow covering half of whats in the background, it perfectly resembles memory, trying to remember everything but not able to. these are amazing, keep up the great work!!

  12. This photo really caught my attention because it truly made me think about what was outside and why we were looking. This photograph shows mystery, a longing feeling and a sense of imagination. Really nice!

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