Deon Mixon



Deon Mixon
ART 3470 Digital Photography I
digital prints; 11 x 17 (11.52 x 17.28)
Series: Being: Anomaly
(Goal: 20 images)

Being: Anomaly explores the phenomenon in which an individual can be present within a natural, realistic realm, but also present and/or originate from a rather surrealistic or supernatural realm. The emphasis is on the mystery and discovering of the self within this dual-realm, or single-world where two realms have been united because of the individual’s intrinsic and distinctive being. Discovering the purpose of the self and understanding the self itself within such a world where two realms meet is the focus.

My first two attempts for this series shows experimentation with lighting and other photo manipulative qualities that aim to evoke the supernatural realm, also persevering to maintain reality; the depiction of this union in which the being ponders on about himself and this world in which he resides.

Gwen Taylor




Gwen Taylor
ART 5480: Photography Workshop
Digital Prints; 23″ x 16″
16 in the series Re:Construct

Memory is one of the most essential bodily functions. Individuals who lose the ability to recall history, culture, personal life experiences or even how to function in society on a daily basis suffer with personal identity challenges. Memories fade and become difficult to access overtime; they are altered with each recollection or are forgotten completely.

Inspired by my desire to hold onto my past with my father whom I can no longer create new memories with, I experimented with in camera techniques to illustrate the confusion, disorientation, alterations, fading and lack of information that come along with the process of recalling. My subject matter comes from locations or objects in which I explored in some matter with my father. I faintly overlaid images from past experiences to illustrate how it once was compared to how little and strenuous it has become to recall these experiences when revisiting the same situation.

Jordan Tran

THIS ONE 2  72


Jordan Tran
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Photos; 12in x 8in
Will be a series of 20

Statement- Inspired from the book “Ready Player One”. I am trying to explore the concept of losing one’s identity. In the book, people are fighting for there rights to a technological realm that may be taken from a great corporation. My photographs attempt to express that fear or uncertainty of being watched with this idea supporting these emotions.

LeeAnn Downey



LeeAnn Downey
Art 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Prints; 8 x 10″
In progress, 20 total

This series is a class assignment where the photos must be inspired by a book. My book was “The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh”. The goal of the completed work will show an artist’s acceptance of the positive and negative aspects of being lonely.

Destinee Wells




Destinee Wells
ART 5480: Photography Workshop
Digital Prints; 11″ x 17″
Title: Food is Drug/Medicine

This work plays with the idea that food is either making us healthy or sick. I believe that the foods we eat are creating a lot of health problems for the people of the United States. I think foods link to mental disease as well as our diseases like diabetes. These images were created so that it food interacts with the image in the background to be seen as either a healing food or one that hurts us.

Luis Sanchez



Luis Sanchez
ART 3470: Digital Photography
digital prints; 10″ x 15″
20 images total

These photos are in progress. I am using the book “Go Ask Alice” as inspiration. It is a book about drug addiction, but I don’t want to make my photos about drugs, so I’m focusing on mental health problems that can cause addiction like depression.