14 thoughts on “Angela Johnson”

  1. These photos have such intricate detail in their compositions. I love the way you captured the sharp, intimidating form of ice, as well as the softer, gentler form of ice.

  2. The most fascinating part in these images is the contrasting interaction between formal elements. In the first image, the snowflakes are super crisp, whereas the background and foreground is blurry, unknown, and not continuous, which can be a effective metaphor for memory loss. In the second image, I kept thinking the upper part of ice as a moving thing, trying to erode off the lower part.

  3. I’m really drawn to the bottom image both conceptually and technically. It’s a beautiful shot, the lighting is both cool and warm, the pattern from honeycomb shapes to waves is soothing. I also find this image to capture your idea about memories fading, changing, or completely lost by the way the pattern appears as a web of information that is being warped in unusual ways in the upper half.

  4. There’s so much detail in these images that I just really want to blow it up on a big screen and stick my face in it. I love the way that it brings me in, and there’s enough break in the photos for my eyes to rest with all the amount of detail there is. I think you have great composition, and you must be very cold for shooting in the frozen winter. I hope there’s something inspiring to shoot now that we have warmer weather! Good job!

  5. I love your attention to detail in these images. The bottom image almost looks like a painting and I love how it is near black in the bottom right corner and gradients to lighter in the bottom left as it is reflective. I enjoy how you tied it into your concept. Nice variety in images, well done!

  6. Using ice as a metaphor for memory and passage of time is a very unique concept. The tone of first one definitely invokes feelings of memory combined with melancholy, whereas the tone of the second image invokes more happiness when thinking about it in terms of memory.

  7. These are both such beautiful images. The movement created by the ice in the bottom picture is stunning. I like how each image, while of similar subject matter proves to be so different. The top picture goes well with your theme… parts of memories being crisp and clear while others so blurred or forgotten they disappear into something unrecognizable.

  8. These pictures caught my attention due to the very detailed ice, it captures the creases that most people don’t see. The pictures are very successful alone but once I read the caption it caught my attention even more. I really liked the idea of memory fading the way ice does. It is such a perfect metaphor that I have never thought about.

  9. Very interesting concept! I like how you talk about the fading of memories and you have the bottom of the first image with the faded bottom. I think your metaphors for memories with ice connect really well because each memory is unique like a snowflake.

  10. What I like about these images is that you are capturing moments in the ice and like the ice will melt away so will memories but a picture can encapsulate a moment a preserve it just like the ice. I also really like the texture in the second image.

  11. I have always been a fan of detailed shots and the other dimensions the close up visuals these represent me are divine! They offer another world to the viewer and give another point of view at a common wintry event. There is a fantastical element to these photos that do not make it obvious they’re merely ice images on windows. The compositions are very strong as well allowing me to study the photographs without becoming distracted by poor basic mechanics.

  12. The detail in these photos is awesome. It makes me want to see more, and how they will fit into the book that you’re going to make. They look like they could be some great images to really draw the viewer into the subject.

  13. Such a cool concept! I love that I can how frozen windows can symbolize memory loss. This might be hard but if there was anyone you could get a shot that shows the windows in the process of freezing, that might add to this concept.

  14. I love how the areas in and out of focus follow the rule of thirds in the top picture. I very much so enjoy concept of ice images on windows being fading memories. Just like the ice will melt away from the windows in due time, some memories will fade from our memory as we age.

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