16 thoughts on “Danni Xie”

  1. These images are beautiful and emphasize your topic of fashion perfectly. The only thing I recommend is to watch out for your horizon lines, because in one of your images, the horizon line is crossing along her neck.

  2. I really like the playful feel within these photographs. You definitely captured the commercial feel in each photo, and the colors and lighting are really well done! I also really like how you added a touch of red in each photo to link them all together in that way. Good job!

  3. I love the commercial look of the top set of images. The way your model posed looks like she’s a mannequin and the lighting definitely gives that feel as well. It looks super cold outside on that lake and her hands are curled inwards I feel her shivers! I think if you could get her to model for a quick minute, it would really bring out the fashion more than her looking like she’s cold. The image with her wearing a coat did that successfully since I’m more focused on her pose and clothing, rather than thinking about her being cold. Good job on these photos!

  4. The top images of the purse are really strong. I enjoy the focus on the red purse and how powerful it appears in the shot. The top photo makes me feel as if the figure is a wax model on display simply to hold up and glorify the purse even more. I enjoy the composition without the faces because it seems to take the life out of the figure and focus on the purse.

  5. Beautiful fashion photography! I feel like the most successful is the second photograph because her pose provides great feature to the purse. You’re attention to lighting and post-production is well done. The final photographs are also very compelling. My only suggestion is to play with framing as all four of these images your subject is in the center. Overall, well done! 🙂

  6. I too, like the way the four of these work as a set with the splashes of red linking each picture to the next. They all seem to be following your theme very well. The way the bodies have been positioned really interests me. Nice work!

  7. I really like the top two that don’t show the face, it really focuses on the actual apparel instead of who it it.

  8. These compositions are really good! The first thing that came to my mind was advertisement. I can totally imagine these in a magazine or even on the sidebar of my browser right now. Great job!

  9. I love your first two images, but I think they are giving off a different message than what you are intending?
    To me they are showing a negative message of the fashion industry, treating real people like dummies and models. A lot of times models are reduced to walking mannequins, starved and drained of originality to the point where it starts to strip their human element away. It tries to turn into women into caricatures of what they’re expected to be, like barbie dolls.
    And while I think that is a very powerful message, and that these images say that very clearly, it doesn’t seem to be what you are going for.
    I think keeping the negative opinions of fashion & the fashion industry in mind when you shoot would be helpful especially when it is more art photography trying to be directed towards fashion as yours seems to be.
    Keep it in mind so you can avoid making your photos look like they have an alternate agenda.
    But all in all these are wonderful images, I like the originality and inventiveness.

  10. Dear Danni,

    The second photo (close-up of purse) and the last (the sunglasses at frozen lake) are both well done. The composition, the color, the angle of the camera. They read like a fashion magazine photo.

    I think the shadows in the first one are really distracting and make the image look too amateurish and staged. And the way the horizon line in the second image seems to line up right under the model’s chin makes it look like her head is being cut off. The horizon line could be up higher to be more compositionally satisfying.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best Regards,

  11. These photos are excellent. Just be aware of where you’re shooting in relation to the subject and what parts of their body you’re cutting out of the frame. Really interesting images!!

  12. These images are well composed! The shadow in the top image is strong, I wish it were a bit darker. Overall the images give a strong feeling of fashion, I could see these in a fashion magazine.
    Nice job.

  13. The second image, and the last on the bottom right look really well along the lines of commercial. The other images really really nice as well but they look more artistic to me. Overall very nice placement of objects in the image and color.

  14. I really love how you focus on the model and you really bring an emphasis on what they’re wearing and holding. The lighting is really beautiful too.

  15. These images are beautiful and fabulous! I enjoy the way the model is posed in the first two images. It reminds me of something you’d see in vogue.

  16. Your first two images are exceptionally strong. I think they both make a very powerful statement event if that was not your intent. You don’t normally see images of people with their heads chopped off and there’s something very unsettling about that.

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