photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Hayley Cleghorn



Hayley Cleghorn
Art 576: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 8 1/2″ x 11″
20 images total
but for our books that we are making it could be more than that.

Statement: My series is dealing with taking pictures of the people of State Street. By going out of my comfort zone and talking to random people on State Street, I get a whole new experience out of it, and get to meet some really interesting people. I want it to feel like a sort of family album of the “family” of State Street, so I’m making the prints smaller to a 4×6 size to make it look more personal, like a family album would be.

8 thoughts on “Hayley Cleghorn”

  1. The image of the two men truly do look interesting like you described. State Street always has something interesting going on, and since it connects the UW campus to the capitol building, there’s so many beautiful sights. I’m glad you think of this as a family because the people and places that are here all care for each other.

  2. The facial expressions in this series are so interesting and captivating to me. I think this is a really great idea for a project, and it’s very neat how you are printing in 4X6 to give an album like feel. Nice job!

  3. I really enjoy the individual personality depicted in these images, and would love to see they full collection. I enjoy the variety in framing of how you captured the “family” of state street – also reason to see more. Overall, these two images provide a viewer with questions of who these people are, which could push you as an artist to provide more information (potentially with insight in their titles?) as you were the only one who interacted with them. Well done!

  4. I enjoy that you’ve approached random people and it seems as you have more of a connection than just “hey can I take your picture?” they seem to trust you with your intentions of taking their picture and I find that it really shows in the images. The comfortable postures seem to add a further connection you’ve made with these people of state.

  5. I really think these two images bring attention to individuals or strangers who we may pass everyday and don’t even give a second glance. I think it’s a really interesting subject and your images are very well balanced in composition.

  6. I think this idea is working very well and becomes more personal by speaking to the people you are photographing, I like the idea of shooting in a specific area to get a better understanding of the people in that community.

  7. Your idea of photographing people on that street is pretty amazing. You can meet so many unique people based on the community and area they are around. Your photos are simple, but very beautiful in a way. You can see the people’s personalities shine through.

  8. I really like your photographic idea. As a student at UW, I tend not to think much about those I pass by on State Street, so it’s good that you got out to meet some of them and hear their stories. There can be plenty of interesting people to meet, and you capture those three in photograph very nicely.

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