11 thoughts on “Jourden Sürrí​​”

  1. These photos are extremely beautiful and capture the viewer’s interest right away. The connection you are making in these self-portraits are phenomenal and take my breath away. They’re beautifully composed.

  2. I love the intimacy you have captured here. Letting yourself be exposed in a public environment is definitely a form of art. You could do performance art and capture photographs of the process in future projects. I love this concept.

  3. I love these images but the first one especially stands out to me. The hanging portrait has often caught my eye when walking through the Chazen and I believe you caught her essence perfectly. It is apparent you have a connection with the art and I hope to see more of your work!

  4. The muted color of the hung drawing really comes out of the muted color of your image. Since the drawing looks so much like grayscale, the body reads to me in grayscale as well and it mutes the rest of the wood flooring, walls and lighting. I really love your concept of taking your own inspirations of art into a museum filled with art.

  5. Your relationship with artwork really comes through in these images, and I especially got that sense of wanting to become art from the first photograph. I feel that in that photograph, it is as if the subject was you in a past life. The second photograph skillfully uses the slight blurriness adds a depth of desire to the subject’s body language in staring at the art.

  6. The overall composition of the top image screams fine art at me. The way you have brought yourself into the scene with the actual art instead of trying to replicate it is interesting. I really enjoy the idea of you becoming art and think it could take many directions. Possibly your physical appearance in the gallery next to or around other sculptures, paintings, ect. I think the bottom image is interesting but wonder if you sitting on the bench makes you become more of a viewer? Maybe sitting on something not used by gallery viewers could help? Enjoy the bold concept.

  7. I love the idea of you “wanting to become art.” That is definitely shown in both these photographs. Each piece has such room for narrative and interpretation and that, along with your boldness add SO much to each piece. Very inspiring work!

  8. I really like what you’ve done! You did a great job of portraying this seemingly nonsensical desire to “become art”. I really like the second composition because it’s almost like you’ve come to the realization that, while you can make as much art as you want, you’ll never truly become a piece of art yourself. Great job!

  9. Jordan, that first image is just so unbelievably powerful. With the second image, the only things I think that weaken it is the strange object next to you on the bench and it looks like your underwear is painted on. I’m wondering if maybe the black could be flattened a bit? I don’t know but it just appears a little odd. Great images.

  10. The top image here is extremely powerful and strong – I’m in agreement with everyone here – you ability to connect with the painting is captivating. As far as the second composition goes, I am wishing something were in focus. I do really like your decision to black and white the image, however. The contrast of textures is very nice. Well done – love your work!

  11. I chose to comment on these photographs because the first image of the photographer kneeling naked in front of a nude portrait drew me in. This spoke strongly to me as the artist posing to become a work of art by mimicking the artwork seen in the gallery space before her. The pose, the lack of clothing, and the expression speak of this act of reiteration. The colors as well lend themselves to the this expression; the artist is of a monochromatic brown palate befitting to her environment much like the portrait behind her is a similar palate of relating grey hues.

    The second image on the other hand is not as strong in relation to the artist’s statement, “Series about my relationship with art, and as a self photographer, my wanting to become art.” In this photography the composition is blurred, the ability to truly translate what is going on is lost as the symbolism is indiscernible. The artist sits in black underwear, her back to the viewer with a cigarette in her hand. Her clothing and position on a bench with a smoke extended in the air by a classy hand speaks more to me of fashion with the stiff back and short cropped hair that modern models wear to show off designer’s clothing on their bodies. Overall the image does not feel as a strong counter balance to the first image and I believe if shown in a gallery spacing, the first image would successfully shut the second image out.

    The artist’s concept supporting her work though is inspiring to new creative thoughts.

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