22 thoughts on “Liz Graves”

  1. I think you photographed at a great time of day to get the interesting shade of light in the background. You captured a beautiful fogging of the windows on the top image. You have interesting angles, but the cyan tone should be dropped down just a little bit.

  2. These images are absolutely stunning and I am just as impressed with them now as I was in class. The colors work well if shown as a series, but if they are cut off from the others, the cyan does look a little overemphasized.

  3. I really like your color pallet here! You have some beautiful blue hues that come across as very natural. You also have an incredibly well done natural gradient in the second which creates a sense of depth. Well done!

  4. You have done great job capturing light, line, and color here. It means going to a colorful place at a certain type of day with interesting architecture, and I like the concept. Well done.

  5. The color and composition in these images is extraordinary. I love the lines and how the colors compliment each other perfectly. I especially like the small pops of color inserted into the blue hues. Nice work!

  6. Lovely work, the colors are great! My only critique would be that the second image is very slightly off-kilter – when you are working with line, having them either dead-straight or very intentionally out of alignment is the way to go, rather than just a tiny bit, as is seen here – it distracts from the lines!

  7. I’m not sure exactly what draws me to the bottom image but I think the use of space and line really makes me want to keep finding more. The light far into the distance makes the space feel infinite and I could imagine this structure continuing for miles. I also enjoy that the greenhouse space isn’t obvious what it’s being used for. Adds some curiosity as to whats going on in this huge space.

  8. For me, I really love line and shape. The top image bothers me that the perspective is not square and it’s tilted compared to the bottom one where it gives so many layers since I can see beyond the first panel of glass, but also because of the lines leading my eyes back and forth. Keep up the good work!

  9. I am glad you posted these two images as I believe they work very well as a pair. The overall color ties them together nicely, yet they also have uniquely different aesthetics from the lines in the images. The top one is more empty and warm feeling in comparison to the busier and cooler second image. These different feelings of warmth and coolness is interesting with images that are so similar with their colors.

  10. My favorite thing about these is the colors in them, as well as the windows that you are shooting through that allow for condensation to disperse the colors (photo 1) or the space to get cloudier as you progress further away (photo 2). The top image could be straightened if you wish! Well done!

  11. The color in these images is so intriguing. I especially enjoy the way they come through the fogged over glass in the first one. The view from the outside makes the internal setting of the greenhouses appear warm and somewhat inviting although they also have a deserted look to them. You did a great job capturing the setting and then giving the images a sense of emotion.

  12. The color transition in the top image is very interesting and the lighting works well. I also like the pairing of the two images together of a full greenhouse with an empty greenhouse. I also think that there are successful with what you wanted to focus on.

  13. When viewing these two images I am first drawn to the subtle yet striking peeks of colors throughout the composition. The colors are very rich and warm in a cold looking environment which is ironic to me as greenhouses are generally thought of as a place of luscious greens and heats. These photographs make me think of human life re-birthing itself into an unknown world. As a species we face so many cold unknowns that could snuff us out in just moments of life. I find the images, even though they feel mostly cold, to be reassuring and alluring, drawing me in and trapping me in a alienated world. Very fascinating!

  14. The colors are interesting but the askew images on top appears amateur, I think it would be stronger if you stepped back to allow perspective or approached it straight.

  15. THe lighting in these images is very good for what is being photographed. It has a warm feeling and feels clean which helps to show the content.

  16. Very beautiful compositions! You did a really great job focusing on light, line, and color. The layout and cropping of the image leads your eye along the lines and keeps your focus on the color.

  17. I like both of these images, but I find the second image to be more visually appealing. The natural light was captured nicely, creating spots of colors through out both of the images. Both images also give a sense of warmth. Both were successful in capturing light and color.

  18. I think these images illustrate the concept very well. Both the colors are lines seem to be the main places my eyes travel to. These are absolutely beautiful.

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