photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Madi Fair



Madi Fair
ART576: Advanced Photography
digital prints; 8″ x 11″
12 total images.

statement: In this series I am focusing on shooting various independently owned stores that have clearly been loved and have character. I want to capture the real essence of the store and the way that images and items inside them interact with each other both aesthetically and reflecting the personality of the store’s owners and customers.

8 thoughts on “Madi Fair”

  1. I love the chaos in these images! These are both incredibly well done compositions of seemingly random items (especially the first). The second composition shows that transition from chaos to organized which also works very well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Both of these images are so interesting to look at. The way my eye is guided around yet contained in the image is something I always strive to do and these are both great examples of that. I also really like the color palate. Good Job!

  3. I really like the repetition of the albums on the bottom and the break, giving us a look into one of the album covers. That line of the box really brings the viewer back seeing an endless collection, but it also brings me out of the image too quickly. I think if it were taken at a different angle, or the picture were tilted 90 degrees, it might have a real-life perspective. Great job!

  4. I enjoy these two images as a set because, while separately they do show your theme, together these images give off a more deep feeling of understanding the store. I enjoy that the top image gives a wider perspective of the area while the bottom image gives more closely focused detail.

  5. I enjoy the vintage feel of the top image. The space acts as a gallery housing all of these forms of entertainment that had been/still are popular today. The image gives life to these devices such as a VHS player which many have stopped using for playing movies. The image on the bottom is a nice close up to show the amounts of collections gathered and preserved in hopes to find a new owner who will cherish the “artifacts”.

  6. I really enjoy both of the images, the second one more though. I like your concept of capturing the essence of independently owned stores, they definitely do contain a lot of character and you were able to capture that in your images. In the second image I like that one record is visible, it’s definitely the focal point. Both of these images capture the character of independently owned stores.

  7. Great idea and a nice way to spread love about small businesses as well. Something to try for is attempting to find a clear flaw in the business that a large store would never have, but that flaw creates personality for the store.

  8. I really enjoy these photos! I love the vintage feeling I get. Especially from the top image there is a lot going on but there is more to look at.

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