13 thoughts on “Taylor Galaszewski”

  1. What is the idea behind your project? Bar photos can be overdone, so you have to be very clear on the intention of photographing in the setting. The bottom image is a very interesting composition, but your image has a very poor resolution to it.

  2. These bar photos are still as great as I saw them in critique. I do think that there may have been some uploading issues or something, because the images have poor resolution. I do enjoy the bottom image a lot, but the yellow should be brought down just a touch.

  3. I would like to know a little more behind the concept of your series as well. The pictures are compositionally interesting, but the poor quality/resolution of the pictures distracts away from the picture. Also, work on not cropping off the top of people’s heads like the guy in the top photo.

  4. I really like the focus on the bottom image of the pool shooter, but I think there’s also a lot of other focal points that you could use to your advantage when telling your story. It could be the shooter as you have here, the end of the pool cue, the white ball, or the ball he’s trying to hit. It’s hard to shoot with low-lights, but you’ve done it successfully in your other images. I think bringing elements from your past images into these ones would make it cohesive, for example, the lighting and lasers that defined your nightlife could come into play with these ones as well. Great job exploring!

  5. Besides the uploading issues, I think these two images are great. I find that they work together well and both shots offer scenes that feel more than your normal bar shot. Usually we see moments that offer more to the people in the shot than the random viewer, but these have narrative that starts out with what we obviously can see in the photos but can then be taken even further with these hints about the scene, characters and interactions. I like to imagine these being stills from a movie.

  6. In agreement that there is a little too much yellow in that bottom image but I do love the line created from the subjects eye, to the ball in the bottom image. Love the “night life” life feel. The top image is not as successful as the bottom, however still provides an overall feel to the series.

  7. I’m curious what the purpose behind these images are. If I had more of a sense of what you’re trying to achieve, I would be able to give you input. Out of context, the second image has interesting lighting because though his skin color is really off, the guy next to him is fairly correct so it reminds me of colored gels they use in cinematography.

  8. Really great job at catching the essence of the “bar” environment. It’s very busy and hectic and there’s always something going on (you’ve captured it very well). I’m looking forward to seeing more of your night life photography.

  9. These photos have good compositions, and I’m particularly interested in the bottom image. It is a really great shot, but way too yellow. Make sure to adjust your white balance when shooting with yellow lighting.

  10. These two photos are very “cinematic”. The lighting and coloring are interesting, but they don’t match. Not sure if that was your goal, or if it was unintentional due to the light coming from above the pool table. Compositionally they are okay, there is some good movement in your photos. Overall, there are interesting to look at.

  11. The two photos tell a story. It’s simple and effect. I agree with the other criticism on color. The yellow in the second photo is too acidic for the lively scene.

  12. These images are great, but I would like to see a bigger depth of field in the bottom image. It is a bit fuzzy and I think the image would be a lot stronger if the pool balls were more in focus

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