photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Tyson Banh



Tyson Banh
Art 476 – Intermediate Photography
Digital Prints; 8×10″
2 images of series

These images are from a series of my concept looking at the details of everyday life. As students, we walk around the campus from class to class, back to our home and around, but how much do we look at the details of where we’re going? The image of the shoes stranded up on a tree are an example of something you would only see if you look up. The low perspective of the girl’s boots are never seen from our towering height. It can only be seen near the ground level.

10 thoughts on “Tyson Banh”

  1. I think both of these images do a nice job of capturing what you are going for. People don’t tend to look up or down when they are going to class, mainly straight ahead. It could be interesting to focus on just those two perspectives for your series.

  2. I think you did a great job with dealing with the different perspectives that people don’t usually have. Normally we wouldn’t look straight up and notice those shoes in the tree, or we wouldn’t be so low in a perspective to notice the bottom of that girl’s shoes. I think compositionally these are really interesting too, and you did a great job with the lighting, and focus in each picture!

  3. I absolutely love these images as a set. It provokes thought about how the shoes are working similarly and differently in both of their respective contexts. I think there is a lot of potential underlying narrative here which really makes the set captivating to me.

  4. I find the concept to be interesting because I admit to not looking around and often missing things that surround me. You’ve done a good job of capturing these elements through shoes. I really enjoy the way the lighting hits the leather boots. It creates a unique design in the wrinkles and I wonder if it could be zoomed in even further to show more details? Or maybe just a separate image with this one.

  5. I find this concept interesting and was actually thinking about this yesterday as I was walking to class. When I’m on campus, my head is angled towards the ground and I look up only to make sure that I’m not going to run into anything on my way to my destination. For me these two photos are kind of funny because I only ever see the low perspective of the girls boots because I don’t usually look around, and if I did I would notice more things like shoes hanging from a tree and have maybe a better time walking to class

  6. I think these images pay special attention to things we don’t normally notice: someone’s shoes. These two images are strongly composed and I love the movement captured in the second photo. Something I would consider in these two photos is adjusting the lighting just a little bit.

  7. The perspectives you chose are interesting, and the images grabbed my attention before reading your statement. I like your concept of looking at the details we normally do not notice as students go through their daily routines. I think both of these images were successful in capturing your concept since you chose perspectives such as looking up, that we do not normally view.

  8. I find the concept striking and ironic as I often try looking at things from other perspectives instead of just my own height but I don’t find these perspectives portrayed as an unusual idea. Sneakers hanging from phone lines are actually photographed quite a bit and the shooting from the ground at a pair of a shoes is a technique used commonly for shoe fashion. You often discover interesting and new journeys when you challenge yourself to these actions. The compositions are very nicely done but instead of just focusing on the details when you look up or down, what about beautifying the not so nice details as you move through campus? The gum under the desk? The toilet paper left in the toilet? The pencil shavings shoved onto the desk? These are still details we detail with ever day just as much as we look at other people’s shoes. We have to flush the toilet before we sit, clean off the desk before we use, stick our fingers in used gum when we try to move a table to a new location. Even terrible parking jobs of fellow students can become quite a unique and humorous ordeal (when it’s not happening to you).

  9. I love the contrast in perspective between these two shots. As the top photo looks up, the second one looks down. Your higher focal length creates a crop that limits the view creating a tension that works with your theme. Each picture doesn’t give me enough perspective futhering the notion that we should look around more often.

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