photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Erika Herrera



Erika Herrera
Art 576-Advanced Photography
Digital prints; 5″ x 7″

These photographs are a continuation of self-exploration through a hat mimicking bison horns. An alter-ego is born when the hat is worn, it is a being unafraid to show vulnerability, confidence, and ultimately accepts its own mortality. The lighting used in these portraits references 17th century Dutch paintings in order to heighten the tone of the subtle facial expressions and body language. I am introducing different props to transition through the themes of vulnerability, confidence, and death.

5 thoughts on “Erika Herrera”

  1. I love that you’re doing a self-exploration through photography. I love the black background and foreground that puts the focus just on you. I just wish there was a second light as a rim light that would break the bison hat from the background to highlight that a little more. Great job!

  2. The way you captured these images is really great. The stark black background really places an emphasis on the subject.

  3. I feel that you really captured the same type of lighting techniques that were used in the 17th century Dutch paintings that you referenced. My only concern is with the bison head piece that was mentioned in an earlier comment. The lack of lighting on the piece and its dark color make it blend into the background. You might be able to adjust it in photoshop and light the one area more. Great work though, I really enjoy the subject matter.

  4. I think the contrast of the black background really helps to make the emotion of the woman stand out. It gives a sense of darkness right away and then looking at her helps to catch the details of how crisp the image is.

  5. The concept is great. The colors that you chose are really great also, and I think that the colors in the plant on top image are amazing. I can see the reference to the 17th century Dutch painting here. I love the feeling that nature has been suspended in doors.

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