photography, Western Michigan University

Erin Bobbitt

IMG_0847 (2)sm

IMG_0883 (2)sm

IMG_0894 (2)sm

Erin Bobbitt
ART 4710 Narrative Photography
Digital prints; 13×19 inches
9 total images

The purpose of these photographs were to create a narrative surrounding one theme. The theme here had to do with teenage girls and the spectrum of emotions/connections they can share in a short period – for instance, the 5 minutes between classes in the ladies bathroom.

12 thoughts on “Erin Bobbitt”

  1. You did a really great job at capturing a particular moment here. My favorite composition is the second one with the woman slouching on the wall. You’ve done a great job of clarifying that the “school bathroom” is a completely different place and has a completely different atmosphere, societal regulations, and (in a sense) different expectations than the “school” itself.

  2. Although I might not have experienced the teenage emotions shared in a bathroom as a male, this is what I imagine it would look like through popular mass media. I’m sure there’s more to it than played out movies. I think the black and white prints give it a nostalgic feeling, that this could have been taken within the past 40 years and these conversations could have happened any time. I really like it, it seems empowering to women to discuss this! Good job!

  3. This is a really interesting concept and would like to see more from this series. I’m curious as to how you went about creating the whole scene. Would you want to do this project in color as well or does black and white reflect more of what your trying to get across? Overall the photographs are well composed and have an interesting view into the world of teenage girls.

  4. I feel the emotions of being in a bathroom with teenage girls. The drama, the questioning of self-worth, all captured in a small series of images. You did a very nice job!

  5. You did a really good job capturing moments in one small setting. Your compositions are strong and there is a certain dramatization that the black and white brings. However, I would work more on your lighting as well as your compositions a little bit more.

  6. Even with out reading your statement, I grasped a sense of what these images were about. You did a lovely job of catching the emotions and the ways that girls interact, especially in this setting. The choice to have the prints in black and white adds to the overall effect of the images. The lack of color really pushes the focus on to the emotions portrayed through the body language and the facial expressions.

  7. I can feel the sense of emotion in these photos. The images are compositionally strong and create a sense of the mood you are trying to capture. The fact they are in black and white makes them even stronger and feel timeless.

  8. Great images – and I think you did a great job at capturing emotions! In particular my favorite image is the second, with the girl leaning up agains the tile/mirror. I feel like her gaze gives the picture an overall strength. Additionally, great use of depth of field/fstop in all of these! It gives the bathroom space (which is probably very dull/uninteresting) more depth!

  9. i really enjoy these photographs, it truly seems like you are a fly on the wall in this bathroom, which is impressive considering how close you are to the subjects. i love that i can get the hint of the project without having to read your statement. consider looking at Lauren Greenfield’s work she deals with similar content and may be really inspiring. overall great job.

  10. I think you did a really good job to represent your theme. They are full of narrative feelings and very nice shots too.

  11. The shots feel as if they are out of a film, which I think works for your theme. There can be a lot of drama to go down in a break between classes and this shows this. The black and white mood really helps I don’t think color would add to the story here.

  12. These are very intriguing to me. I’m getting kind of a sense of high school girl drama from these, and its very reminiscent. The looks on the girls faces are expressive and real, and I’m very much enjoying these images.

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