13 thoughts on “Kyle Powers”

  1. I’m so glad you explored light with this pixie stick! It looks so appealing. The top photo looks like a dream because of the light fall off from the stick. I really like the clarity that you have with both of these subjects. Keep exploring, good job!

  2. These are really great examples of light painting and encourage you to continue with it. Would you consider adding more lights or people? This is an interesting concept that you can really push and keep up with the project.

  3. I really enjoy the incorporation of light into your work. They work really well and it is difficult to capture moving light in a frame. The top I’m particularly partial to, maybe because of the lighting and the way the person is positioned.

  4. I really love light painting, and I think you did a great job of portraying the beauty of it! It’s so difficult to work in low light/ dark spaces so I think you were really successful in doing this. I also really like how you can see the figure in the picture too, and how the light sort of frames the figure of the person. Good job!

  5. I love these photos. The way the lights engulf the subject in the second one capture my eye, and the way the lights illuminate the surrounding environment in the top one is also spectacular. I can’t wait to see what else you have to show us.

  6. Dear Kyle,

    These photos are really interesting, both visually and conceptually.
    I like how you achieved flat white lines in the second image and the large planes of color in the top image.

    Plus the reflections on the snow are great! Have you thought of doing this series in lakes or bodies of water in the summer for reflections?

    Great work!
    Best wishes,


  7. I really like what is going on in these photos and it is interesting to me to think about how they were created, I wonder what else you could do with light to take this a step further, such as using different types of lights.

  8. I really like those images you did with pixie stick. And I really appreciate that you went to the wild place and the surrounding works well with your light painting. Also your light paintings are very successful and creative compositionally.

  9. I think whats interesting about your project is how you can do the same thing or something completely different in any space as long as it’s somewhat dark enough for a long exposure. You are able to experiment and try so many things that the more pictures you take, and the bigger the series becomes, the stronger it will be. Would be interesting to see if some similar photos could be stitched together like a panorama or something.

  10. Very elegant light painting! I think often light painting can get kitschy, and it’s not done well most of the time, but this is very unique. It’s clear that you took time and thought into these compositions, and I love how they’re all centered around a figure. Very cool composition, would love to see more.

  11. These are very nicely done light painting photos. The subject really stands out in both pictures, and the patterns that the light follows are very interesting. I particularly like the first, with the slew of colors you were able to capture.

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