10 thoughts on “Mandy Hess”

  1. I think you are exploring some very interesting themes here such as feminism with the titles you are choosing and I enjoy the use of materials in these, especially the top and bottom image. You might want to explore a color with more of a pop instead of the pink to make more of a statement. I am really excited to see more of these and just be careful not to overuse the materials keep the balance you have of material and photo.

  2. I really like the collaging elements in your photos! It brings in new elements that we don’t normally associate with photography and gives it a whole new meaning. I can’t wait to see the rest of the collages!

  3. Wow, these are great. I love seeing the artist’s hand work with images. It’s really interesting to see what we work so hard to get rid of and hide, put back on the body post production.

  4. These are interesting images, but I want to know more about what they mean. What is your concept behind it. The collaged elements work really well creating visual interest. Your compositions are strong as well.

  5. Very cool compositions! I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say but the images themselves are still very appealing. The second composition seems a bit “crowded” to me and i would advise you remove some of the added elements but, besides that, keep up the good work!

  6. I really like the concept and would like to know if the objects such as the safety pins are actually attached or are they photoshopped into the image. I love the concept so keep pushing the idea with different topics of womanhood and feminism. I agree with Erika with exploring color more in the first image.

  7. Your composition of your images as well as the materials used for your collaging are amazing! I really like how you played with the idea of what women face every day. This is a great project that I would like to see more work come from. My only question is if these are collaged piece with actual objects or are they placed in photoshop? Either way, great work!

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