13 thoughts on “Sally Abrams”

  1. Very nice colors and textures. The top photo reminds me of the painting “Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow” by Piet Mondrian. The composition is very dynamic and abstracted and I find it very pleasing to the eye.

  2. These photos caught my eye, the balance with the composition work really well. The division within the photographs create a dynamic yet subtle foundation for the images.

  3. I love the geometric lines that come to play in these two photos, but I especially love the way that the window glass distorts the lines and make it look more organic. These are very clean and there doesn’t look to be any lens distortion either, which helps bring out the strong lines even more. Great job!

  4. Great photographs, really love the composition in both images. The shapes and color really bring out the photographs and capture your eye. The top image I feel is the strongest because it reminds me of abstract paintings and the use of line and color. Would like to see more from this project.

  5. Your perspective of line is really great. I love how you see lines in everyday objects that people normally wouldn’t stop to look at. The colors are vibrant and beautiful and the second image! You see reflections of line in buildings in a building. Good work!

  6. These are very interesting. Architecture has so many possibilities for photographing, especially if you are going to explore the abstract like in these two photos. Don’t be afraid to take an image in different perspectives (camera straight up) for something more dynamic.

  7. The way you capture the lines in these images is really amazing. I love the way you use the architectural lines alongside the colors. Your framing works really well in both images as well. The second image is really dynamic in the way that you have the very solid structured lines of the windows warping the lines of the reflection.

  8. Both of these images are very successful to me. The colors are very captivating. I love how in the first image, the lines are clear and distinct – both shadows and physical – with great contrast, whereas the second image you captured a reflection that allows the viewer to see a little further. What I enjoy about your work is that I never see what you see – I enjoy “stepping into your eyes” when I see your series in critiques because the way you perceive lines is so visually interesting and different than the “normal” viewer that its breathtaking! Beautiful work! 🙂

  9. The use of different lines here really help to lead my eye around the picture. I feel that the fact that you usually don’t look at these objects and think of lines but the way you cropped in really lets you see them at a different perspective.

  10. Photographs of Architecture really appeal to my eye and I really like the reflective piece it makes you have to think.

  11. I think your first image is very strong, I can tell that it is some form of architecture but I like that it is somewhat abstract, the line quality and color are working very well.

  12. The colors are really working in these photos. They really draw me in and make me want to look at the photos. You did a good job of choosing interesting angles also, it’s both the same thing people look at every day and something completely new because of how the images are cropped.

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