23 thoughts on “Ty Madey”

  1. You have a very beautiful shallow depth of field in these images and are getting really nice expressions from these strangers. Personally, I don’t like that the top of the head is cut off. Since your depth of field is so shallow the sides aren’t important and taking these in portrait position you’d have more room to crop from top to bottom.

  2. I really like these portraits, these portraits are so interesting because each person has their own expression! Like for the top one, he seems a little concerned or confused, and the older man almost seems like he’s in a rush, the next one, she’s like “look at me, look at me”, and the last one he almost has sense of sympathy. its just cool how many different expressions you can get from people

  3. I really like the facial expressions that they have and the way you’ve cropped it to focus just on their face. Facial recognition is so important to us and seeing their eyes so clearly and crisp brings me right into each one. Great job!

  4. These are beautiful portraits. I think you do a wonderful job of capturing the expressions on their faces. I would be interested in seeing a close up of the faces like the ones that you’ve posted alongside full body images. I think you did a fabulous job on these images and really getting emotion through.

  5. These photos are really strong portraits and you can tell that there is a certain narrative behind each one. Although their facial expressions are essentially the same, they’re all so very different. I would like to see you explore portraiture more and show more individuality in them as well.

  6. I do like how interesting it shows people’s individual faces can be up close. Like the photos have a generally uniform/identical format but it’s the faces that make everything different.

    I do wonder though how these would look if you caught people up close but while they weren’t posing for you, more in their natural element.
    Or even showing them in a bit more context than just the face, like maybe from the torso up?
    It would be interesting to see the different possibilities all clustered together to see what each option does, or to see if they could work together as a series to give the viewers a break from the intensity of staring a stranger straight in the face as if they are someone they know.
    I think photos that are literally taken farther out will show the juxtaposition of how distanced we are from strangers in real life, compared to how we are confronted with them in these photos as if they are people we know or are supposed to know.

  7. I really like the concept behind your work, especially since my work is dealing with the same thing- taking pictures of strangers. It’s so difficult to go out of your comfort zone and reach out to new people, so I completely understand how tough this series must be. I think maybe getting some pictures of people with their surroundings/background might prove to be a bit more interesting to viewers. Maybe interspersing these close ups with more far away shots would be interesting. Good job though overall!

  8. Dear Ty,

    I really like how you are focusing on the face and having the background image really blown out. The portraits have a cinematic quality. I was wondering how the viewer could know besides in your text that these are portraits of strangers… Is there a way to pair a sense of space, like dyptych with the close-up portrait?

    Wishing you the best with your series.

  9. Overall I think that this project is so simply catching the emotion that can be shown by a simple image of a face. The fact that these are strangers is even more interesting. Its like you have captured the emotion of one stranger in one second of there day. Just a part of their story that keeps you wondering.

  10. These are amazing portraits and you were able to capture their emotions very well. Your depth of field also plays nicely to adding to each portrait and makes you focus on the individual as well as their expressions. My only concern is the top of their heads are cut off slightly in each photograph. It would be great to make be step a little further away or choose to shoot in portrait mode. Overall great images and look forward to more work.

  11. Very nice, great focus and all your images clearly seem to be part of a single whole. What if you took an image of strangers at an angle where they are not looking directly at the camera, but off to a distance? But great images

  12. There is always something so interesting about staring at a strangers face. The expressions on each individual is unique, and you can almost get a sense of their personalities. Using the a great depth of field as a technique to make the viewer focus purely on the person’s face is very smart of you. I love the simplicity of your series also. There is not much to it besides peoples’ faces, but each photo is unique.

  13. Your shallow depth of field is very interesting and has great focus. Maybe take photos of strangers that are not looking directly into the camera? But, overall very interesting series! Keep it up!

  14. I really like this concept it captures their emotions at that very moment, you really feel how they feel when looking at the images. Great focus !!

  15. Its very interesting how these are all strangers, even though they have a glint of familiarity in their eyes. I think the way you approached them and because of how close up the image is, it creates an intimate moment with the viewer and the stranger in the image. Very interesting and well done!

  16. While they are all different people in different locations, I appreciate the unity of the photos as a whole. You have captured them in the same orientation with the same depth of field. It brings this idea of interconnectedness even though they are all strangers.

  17. There is a certain unifying sense for your photographs and I’m really impressed how much lighting work you have done successfully, because your contact sheets show that there was very poor lighting in them originally. You did a great job on that.

  18. I could never imagine approaching strangers and asking to take such close space, detailed portraits of them. The depth of field creates a fantastic backdrop for this individuals and for at random, stranger portraits they’re gorgeously composed and each one person looks aesthetic almost as if they dressed knowing they would be photographed. I love the expression in their eyes as well; they seem comfortable and expressive which is surprising since a lot of people can be awkward when you photograph them or present you with fake smiles.

  19. These are great portraits, and capture each of the persons face very well. I also think that the similar depth of field and angle of the photos really makes them a series. However, I was wondering how they would improve if it showed more of the persons body or how they would change if it showed them doing something?

  20. Very interesting concept. It’s kind of like you’ve taken the words/context out of humans of new york or something. You do a good job at capturing a portrait of a complete stranger, and still capturing something about their essence, as though you DO know the person. I like it.

  21. These images look like they’d be found in a blog and I think its a great concept. I think the short depth of field is great!

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