photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Tyson Banh



Tyson Banh
Art 476: Intermediate Photography
Digital Print: 8.5×11″
2 images in a series of 20

These images are from a series of my concept looking at the details of everyday life. As students, we’re around campus buildings all the time, but we never take the time to look at the minute details. In these two images, they show reflections of the Memorial Union at UW-Madison. Windows are for seeing through, although I’ve taken the reflections from them and taken them as a barrier for something you see in it. The reflection is the object, not the window.

8 thoughts on “Tyson Banh”

  1. I like your concept and I think you do a good job of representing it especially in the second image. I think you also do a good job of showing the ways that windows can change a landscape and a reflection. I don’t see a reflected image in the first image that is posted. It looks like a view through a window. This just confuses me in relation to your concept.

  2. These images are really strong together. Compositionally, these are really successful and your subject matter on reflections and the water are really nice. I think that this would be something you should explore some more.

  3. I read the lake as the main subject and the window screen working as a filter to change the color and vibe of the lake view. It is especially effective in the first photo where you have a contrast between the mundane lake and the filtered lake. I’d get rid of the reflection entirely, because right now it doesn’t work as a barrier: It’s annoying, but it’s nowhere near obstructing my view of the lake.

  4. Dear Tyson,

    The second image is really lovely. I think this is of Lake Mendota reflected in the glass? I enjoy this photo because of the colors. I think it is a bit slanted/canted and could be straightened out with the framing of the architecture around the door.

    The challenge with this type of architectural element is the door frame and it’s placement in the photo. The strong vertical lines of the door frames really effect the composition, and the placement of the frames needs strong consideration, maybe thinking more along the line of 1/3’s will help strengthen the compositions.

    Wishing you the best with this series,

  5. Subject wise i think this is awesome, its funny because i was just thinking about the same thing as i was passing windows here and how i never have just stopped and looked out them, and with the reflections i think that works really well too having it be a second subject in the photos after you look at them for a little. Like others have commented above, the top one doesn’t have as strong of a reflection as the bottom one, but all in all i think this will make out to be a cool series, hopefully you’ll post some more from this series later down the road for us to see!

  6. The images are great. The color is very striking. The concept is interesting, and it makes me want to notice the beauty in the small things.

  7. I like your concept of the reflections on the windows being the subject versus the window itself. Both of those images are compositionally balanced, and the perspective of viewing something by its reflection is visually appealing.

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