photography, Western Michigan University

Jessica Harris




Jessica Harris
ART 5480: Photography Workshop
Digital Prints; 2’x 3′
13-15 images in the series

I’m working on a series about anxiety disorders translated through fantasy to make each aspect a little easier to imagine and understand. These three images portray two opposite sides of how sleep is effected with an anxiety disorder. The first, a play on Irish folklore about harps’ ability to put someone to sleep indefinitely, was meant to show the urge and weight to sleep all day as a result of anxiety. The opposite extreme is insomnia, meant to be represented in the second and third images, when your anxiety prevents you from falling asleep or letting your mind rest.

18 thoughts on “Jessica Harris”

  1. Wow, these images are really incredible! I think there’s a certain beauty behind your concept of capturing anxiety in a fantasy like way. I especially like the first two images since they’re composed so nice, and the lighting in each is very well done. I would love to learn more about how you composed the second photo of the girl floating in the air. Great job!

  2. Firstly, I love these images, though I personally would’t get the anxiety reference just looking at the first two images, but I do get a sense of insomnia from the third. Given your statement however, I can see how the imagery portrays this. Even out of context, these are beautiful images that evoke a variety of emotions. Composition, lighting, subject, all work very well together.

  3. I love the idea behind your series. I think a lot of people struggle with these disorders and not enough people explore how to represent them. There is a definite dream like effect, almost desperate in the last one. I like the concept a lot.

  4. These images are really beautiful. They are composed beautifully and depict your idea really well. Anxiety disorders are often misunderstood and I feel like you delve into the idea very deeply and make the viewer feel what your subject feels.

  5. These look incredibly professional, you should be really proud of what you’ve done here! You have an incredible way of showing telling a narrative in your photographs. My favorite has the be the second image, the compositions is incredibly well done! The pipes and lights hanging down from the top look phenomenal. Again, great job!

  6. Dear Jessica,

    When I first saw the photos before reading your description I thought they were about death and angels. I particularly like the image of the woman in the blue dress floating. I was thinking that the last photo of insomnia that the woman would not be looking at the camera lens. This is more like a fashion photo, rather that in insomnia there is a staring at the darkness or at the lightest part of a room, like a window. A sort of anxious restlessness in the body language.

    Wishing you the best with this series,


  7. These photos are beautiful!! I wouldn’t have guessed your concept, but I think that’s okay because I made up my own story before reading your artist statement. Really great compositions and lighting, just everything. Gorgeous. Great work.

  8. These photographs are really effective. They have a wonderful dreamy effect. The way the images represent anxiety is so against what normally is thought of. they produce a calming effect that I think works really well in showing the way that sleep factors in to anxiety.

  9. I think your first and third images are beautiful and get the idea across better. The second image looks like it’s a nightmare especially in this dilapidated space. You get a better sense of emotion when it is so close up and taking up the frame. I love the models you are using, they show great expressions.

  10. These are really great images and reflect your concept well. The composition in the second as well as the last image are really effective and I can see your idea of dealing with anxiety and insomnia well. What also stands out about your photographs is your use of color and creating a dreamy quality to each image. Overall I feel this images were really successful and would love to see more from this series.

  11. I would love to see more images from this series! Beautiful photographs. The body language in the second photograph is a bit lacking for me, however – it feels a bit too serene to be someone who is dealing with insomnia/anxiety; I wish the model appeared a bit more distressed or restless.

  12. First of all, those are all very beautiful images, especially the first and third one. But I did not see the anxiety inside of them at first. After reading your statement, I kind of get your ideas. And I think the third image is stronger than the first one to represent the insomnia idea.

  13. These are absolutely amazing. Although they don’t have the same feel of quality, they go so well together and even as single images. The top is just beautiful and has a glorified look, while the bottom has a murky feeling, like I’m looking through an extra veil to see the subject. Well done!

  14. These are incredibly captivating photos/photomanipuations. You have a very strong style in your photographs that helps to connect them all as a whole body of work. Your concept is also coming across wonderfully, and it makes great sense! Love it.

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