15 thoughts on “Olivia Hoang”

  1. Greetings from Michigan!
    Great start off for your depiction, but I do have a few questions to ask in order to get you thinking.

    If you are depicting family, why is it only one girl?
    Do you want to depict just happiness and concern throughout your work?
    -Families go through a lot of troubles, and not just happiness.
    It would be great to depict different phases throughout family environment.

  2. Your ideas are clear on what you wish to portray in your image, but it seems a bit too straight forward, perhaps add some type of twist, like doing multiple childlike acts at the same time.

  3. Child photography is not an easy feat. They easily get fussy or distracted if a camera is present, they move around a lot, it’s a hard job to tackle.
    I think this pairing of candid and posed here works very well, it makes me want to see even more of this series.
    The top image shows that you have an eye to capture the peaceful moments when the child is just playing, not paying attention to you or the camera.
    The bottom image shows your skill to take posed shots, that we clearly understand are posed, but don’t feel as such. And this example of your posed shots are more than just faked body poses and artificial smiles which I think is really good to keep intact with child photography.
    I think you should keep steering away from the posed feeling of studio shots like you are now.
    And I would suggest perhaps presenting the black and white prints alongside colour prints in critique (or present them on the computer to classmates if you don’t want to waste paper). Because I think a huge part of childhood is the colours, both metaphorically and literally how important colours are to them.
    Or potentially see if you can add more of those subtle hints of colour throughout the black and whites if it doesn’t make it look tacky.
    I feel like black and white is such a default to display “classic” moments for people, but I believe your photos display that on their own without needing to put it in black and white. Though for this image it does work.

  4. Compositionally appealing and balanced, these photographs definitely contain aesthetic uniformity. Conceptually, they appropriately depict the reality of personal life within a family. There is comfortability and a sense of being within the spirit of the subject matter.

  5. These images are great! I really enjoy the clarity and focus on the hands in the bottom picture. They’re also really well framed and composed. I think I would’ve left the top picture in color to be consistent with the bottom picture, or have both black and white. However, if you’re doing a mixture of both in your full series, then that’s fine! Other than that, I think you did really good in capturing the every day activities that children go through, like playing with bubbles, and getting messy playing in the sand or dirt. Good job!

  6. I really like the idea of putting children into focus. I also think the activities you have captured are perfect to show a child. The one of the close up grains of sand can really show the dirtiness that comes with a child when they play. I also like how you changed the bubbles picture to black and white it shows them very clearly and lets you focus at the activity.

  7. These images i think for anybody will make them feel reminiscent, whether it be to a time of when yourself was little, or whether when you saw your little cousin growing up. when i look at these i can’t help but get a sense of joy, mainly because children really don’t have a care in the world they’re just doing stuff, often at random and find joy out of almost anything. and these images capture that very well, also composition wise, these are great, especially in the top one, and the depth of field is really good in the bottom, blurred just enough to where you can still know that that is her face. hopefully you post some more from this series so we can see the outcome of other photos too!

  8. I think you have really captured the wonder that surrounds the everyday activities in a child’s life, especially in the life a toddler. I like the use of color to enhance the bubbles but for me the second image is strong with the sand and the perspective.

  9. I love all your photos of these two girls! The second one is very strong and successful. The color, background, the sky, her cute little hands and the sand on her hands just work perfectly together in this image. And I like how you have all different perspectives of them every time. Also, I like the movement you captured in the first one.

  10. Your photos are very well focused! They each portray a child living life and having a good time. I really like the activity of the kid blowing bubbles and playing in the sand. It seems like in todays generation these activities are lost.

  11. I really love how you isolated the bubbles with color and kept the rest of the first image black and white. It really emphasizes your theme of focusing on the everyday activities that they are surrounded by. In the second image, the face is half blurred so I like how it can be applied to any child in general playing in the sand.

  12. I think these are strong photo and your focus on the everyday children activities is a great one. I think it would be a way stronger concept if you were to stick to one or the other either B&W or Color.

  13. These are really interesting photographs and you’ve captured the personality of the child well. Child photography is fascinating because children have such a unique perspective of the world and they show this through their movement and personality. I would love to see more work, especially with other children.

  14. The second shot, with the sand hands, is the photograph that really captivates me out of these two, it’s a more unique of a shot than the one blowing the bubbles. The angle is inventive and the use of shallow depth of feel really gives it a playful pop!

    The first shot is not a technically bad shot and it represents your idea clearly as well but the composition is more “normal” and I believe, with your second shot as proof, that you can clearly catch more captivating shots. Would love to see more.

    Beautiful child!

  15. Both of these images capture the essence of children and family. Especially how in the first image, you made the bubbles in color and the rest of the image in black and white. Doing that makes the bubbles the focal point so the image portrays the actions of the child. The second image also captures the actions of the child by having the hands covered in sand in focus while the face of the child is out of focus. Both images are balanced well. Maybe photograph more than one child playing together to really capture the essence of family more.

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